Two teams from Aeross: The Aerospace Society, Team Aurora and Team Borealis, participated in the National and Asian Regional round of the Space Settlement Design Competition 2022

Team Borealis, along with four other teams from India forming the company Rockdonnel, emerged as the Champions of the Indian National Space Settlement Design Competition (INSSDC) while Team Aurora, who along with four other Indian teams constituted the company Vulture Aviation were the Runners-up, this allowed both teams from Aeross to qualify for the Asian Regional Space Settlement Design Competition (ARSSC). In ARSSDC, both teams were assigned to different companies which comprised of teams from Asian countries such as China, Hong Kong and Pakistan. Both the teams emerged as the Runners-up in this round. 

The Space Settlement Design Competition 2022 (SSDC)  tasks students each year to design a space settlement in accordance with a Request For Proposal. The aim of the competition is to put students in the shoes of real-world engineers and emulate the actual work experience in the Aerospace Industry. Anita Gale, co-founder of SSDC hosted the competition. The judging panel comprised professionals from various sub-disciplines of the Aerospace Industry including, among other professionals, Anita Gale (CEO of NSS), Jack Gafford (Senior Systems Engineer at Boeing) and David Cheuvront (Engineer, NASA Johnson Space center).

To qualify for the Indian Nationals, teams had to submit proposals in a preliminary round. The 25 qualifying teams were grouped into companies of five teams each. Each student had to choose a department within the company to operate in, with their choice being governed by their expertise and interest.

Both the teams are grateful to the Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan, Mr. Ajay Goel (Physics Faculty), alumni and senior members of Aeross for their mentorship over this year-long competition. Currently, both teams are awaiting their International round qualifiers results.

Members of Team Aurora:
– Aaron Barthwal XII-H (Leader)

– Aashna Verma IX-N
– Akul Ranjan XII-J

– Ameya Aneja X-K

– Aryaa Dube X-J

– Samannita Halder XII-G

– Tanmay Arora XII-H

– Shireen Rajora XII-E

– Sneha Chandra XII-D

Former Members:

  • Apurva Thakur XII-Q
  • Harshita Bose XII-I
  • Aymandeep Chandhok IX-L

– Saksham Raheja X-L

-Krish Shah X-N (2021-21)

Members of Team Borealis:
– Ira Bhattacharya X-N (Leader)

– Abhimanyu Shetty X-J

– Arya Vikram Singh X-F (2021-2022)

– Divyansh Nayan XII-E – Hashmeet Kaur X-M  (2021-2022)
– Mana Sharma X-I (2021-2022)
– Manaal Azhar VIII-F
– Shriya Sawhney VIII-H
– Siddhanth Shetty XII-N (2021-2022)
– Swastik Agrawal XII-E
– Tanmaya Sharma IX-F