Assembly IX-N, IX-O (6-12-2018)

ASSEMBLY IX-N   6-12-2018
Class Teacher: Ms. Shruti Talwar
Class Representative: Ms. Taruna Didi
Vice Principal: Ms. Anita Singh
Date: 6/12/2018
Cultural Programme Coordinator: Ms. Sudeepta Chatterjee
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri

Topic: Every Artist Was Once An Amateur 

The topic,” Every artist was once an amateur” is a thought provoking quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Famous personalities like Shri Narendra Modi, Albert Einstein, Leonardo Da Vinci, Michael Jackson, Lionel Messi etc., have reached unparalleled heights in their respective fields. Don’t forget, all these masters were once beginners. This topic was chosen in order to convey to all the fellow students that they maybe amateurs today but with their hard work and persistent efforts they can and surely will become the masters of their game tomorrow. The journey to achieve the goals may not be easy but the rewards will be worth all the efforts. So just believe in yourself and begin now!

Assembly  IX-O    6-12-2018

Class Teacher: Ms Anupma Rawat
Class Representative : Ms Taruna Didi
Vice Principal: Ms Anita Singh
Date: 6-12- 2018
Cultural Programme Co- ordinator: Ms Sudeepta Chatterjee
Photography: Mr Shankar Giri

Topic: Imperfectly Perfect

With the help of a beautifully presented cultural programme, the students very effectively put forth their view on how perfection lies in accepting oneself as they are. Accepting ones mistakes and shortcomings and working hard to improve upon them is called Perfection. The whole class had wholeheartedly participated in the assembly which was really appreciated by the Principal. The  presence of the parents made the event more memorable.