DPS R.K.Puram organised a Guest Speaker Programme for Class IX on 17 August 2015 in which Dr Neelam Mohan,Director, Department of Pediatric Gastroenterology, Hepatology& Liver Transplantation, Medanta – The Medicity Hospital, Gurgaon was invited to address the students. In her talk, she highlighted the important functions of the liver in our body, how itcleans the blood, regulates hormones, helps with blood clotting, produces bile and important proteins and maintains blood sugar levels.

She further added that Hepatitis is the inflammation of the liver. Out of 5 types of hepatitis,Hepatitis A and Hepatitis B can be prevented by vaccines. Hepatitis A & E Virus transmission are contracted by close personal contact (e.g., household contact, in child day care centers) or due to contaminated food, water (e.g., infected food handlers, raw shellfish etc).Hepatitis B and C are spread by sharing needles for drugs. tattooing, contaminated needle of dialysis, non-sterile dental procedures and body piercing. Unsafe sex, an infected person’s blood touching someone who has a break on their skin due to shaving razor, nail cutter, nail filers can also be a factor.

She also discussed the myths and truths related to Hepatitis B and C. It does not spread through handshake, hugging, kissing or from the toilet seat. Hepatitis A & E Virus Transmission can be prevented by good hand washing practices , well cooked food ,drinking clean water and vaccines. She cautioned the students to never share medical equipment,needles, syringes, tooth brushes/razors or any personal hygiene articles that have blood on them (even tiny amounts) even high-risk behavior modification is required,always make sure new & sterilized equipment is being used for tattooing, piercing or dental procedure.

Dr.Neelam advised the students to screen all the family members and get them vaccinated, to use gloves when in contact with someone’s blood, to throw things like bloodstained tissues and first aid dressings in rubbish bins where others can’t touch them. To always clean wounds with antiseptic and to insist every time on using disposable needles when taking an injection. The programme was an eye opener and the students learned a lot. It was organized by Ms KusumYadav and Ms Reema Khanna and coordinated by Ms Niva Chhonkar.


An intersection written quiz was organized by Club Biologique for the students of class 10 in the 3rd and 4th period, on 10thAugust, 2015 in the Seminar room, Blossoms Block under the guidance of the Teacher In-charge, Mrs. Sushma Sardana. The topic covered a variety of questions from Biology learnt upto high school. The objective was to stimulate the young minds to seek more knowledge, apply concepts learnt in class to analyze common observations and solve problems. 22 teams of two students each from 13 sections participated.

The results of the quiz will help us to nurture young quizzers for future competitions of similar types.
The winners were:
1st Prize: Gaurisha and Siddhant (Class 10 L)
2nd Prize: Niket and Ashutosh (Class 10 D)
3rd Prize: Ritwik and Shaurya (Class 10 E)
The winners were given certificates of merit during the morning assembly.


A poster making competition was organized by Club Biologique for the students of class 7 in the 3rd and 4th period, on 27th July, 2015 in the Senior Biology lab under the guidance of the Teacher In-charge, Mrs. Sushma Sardana. The topic was “Safe ways of Garbage Disposal”. The objective was to sensitize the younger generation to keep their surrounding clean and follow the strategies of 3 R’s. The Headmistress, Ms. Anita Singh graced the event with her presence and appreciated the students for their creativity and their hard work. 24 teams of two students each from 11 sections participated. The judges for the competition were Mr. Dhawan [Head of Chemistry Department] and Mrs. Jatindar Kaur { Art Teacher]. The criteria of judgement was message conveyed, neatness, creativity and relevance to the topic.

The winners were:

The winners were given certificates of merit during the morning assembly.


A delegation of 8 Canadian Universities visited DPS R K Puram on Monday, 24th Aug 2015 at 7:15 a.m. The universities were: McGill, The University of British Columbia, Ryerson University, University of Toronto, Carleton University, York University, University of Guelph and University of Concordia. The delegation interacted with the students in the Principal’s office, who enquired about the admissions process, eligibility criteria, courses offered deadlines, costs and scholarships etc. The students were delighted with the opportunity presented to them, since specific details were conveyed and all queries were answered to their satisfaction.


India took an important step towards unifying global education on 24th August 2015 with the launch of the Australia-India BRIDGE School Partnership by the Australian Department of Education at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. The goal of the BRIDGE initiative is to broaden the Indo-Australian relationship by connecting 16 schools and their students across both countries. The chief guest for the occasion was the Australian Minister for Education and Training, the Hon’ble Mr. Christopher Pyne. He was accompanied by the Australian High Commissioner, His Excellency Mr. Patrick Suckling, ace cricketer and the first-ever Australia-India Education Ambassador, Mr. Adam Gilchrist and other delegates. Principals of the 8 India-based BRIDGE partner schools graced the gathering. Also present were the Principal, Dr. D.R. Saini; the Vice Principal, Mrs. Shobha Mehta and the Headmistresses, Ms. Vanita Sehgal and Ms. Anita Singh.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp and felicitation of the esteemed guests. Dr. D.R. Saini extended a warm welcome to the distinguished gathering. The cultural programme began with a mellifluous rendition of the song ‘It’s a Small World.’ This was followed by a dance performance celebrating the geo-cultural diversity of India. The Hon’ble Mr. Christopher Pyne spoke about the importance of sustaining collaboration between Indian and Australian schools across various learning areas and disciplines and launched the BRIDGE programme. An interactive video conference between the students of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram and its Australian counterpart St. Francis De Sales College took place. Mr. Adam Gilchrist addressed the audience and emphasised the role of intercultural learning in education.

The Vice Principal, Mrs. Shobha Mehta delivered the vote of thanks and the event concluded with the National Anthems of both Australia and India. The Australia-India BRIDGE School Partnership Project heralds a new chapter in Indo-Australian bilateral ties and hosting its launch was a historic occasion for D.P.S. R.K. Puram.




DPS R.K. Puram organised the 14th Annual Dhruv Rajgharia Memorial Debate on 21 August 2015. The debate is held every year in the memory of Dhruv Rajgarhia, a student of the school who passed away in 2002. The debate was instituted by Shri K.L. Rajgarhia in 2002. 14 schools from all over Delhi and NCR participated in it. Mrs Vandana Tandon, Freelance Trainer at The Times of India; Mr Rajesh Mahapatra, the Executive Editor at Hindustan Times and Mr Arjun Khera, an eminent lawyer at the Delhi High Court, judged the competition. The Principal, Dr D.R. Saini; Vice Principal, Mrs Shobha Mehta; Ms Anuradha Dang, in charge of activities and Mr and Mrs Rajgarhia, parents of Dhruv Rajgarhia were present on the occasion.

The participants were given an hour and a half to prepare their arguments on the topics which were given to them on the spot through a draw of lots. Each team consisted of 3 members- one for the motion, one against and one interjector. All the contestants presented immaculate arguments on topics like ‘The present system of education is producing drones’ and ‘People who share selfies tend to be more narcissistic’ and quoted celebrated intellectuals like Sylvia Plath, George Bernard Shaw and Martin Luther King Jr.

The judges and the Vice Principal commended the participants. The results were as follows:

Individual prizes for best speaker:
1st position- Jihun, DPS International
2nd position- Karmanya Oberoi, Springdales Dhaula Kuan
3rd position- Shubhankar Mukherjee, DPS R.K. Puram

Best Interjector:
Jai Khajuria, DPS R.K. Puram

Rolling Trophy:
DPS International


On 20th August 2015, Delhi Public School, R K Puram hosted the annual Psycho-socio fest, ‘Mosaic 2015- Patterns of Life’, organised jointly by the school’s Psychology and Sociology departments. With participation from 46 schools, the festival aimed at providing a platform for students to not only perform, but also learn through experience.
The judges for the occasion were Dr. Monalisa Palit, senior consultant at VIMHANS; Mrs. Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhary, President of the International Congress for Women and Mrs. Bhavana Sabherwal, art consultant at Gallery Sanskriti. The Principal, Dr. D. R. Saini; Vice Principal, Ms. Shobha Mehta, the heads of the departments of Psychology and Sociology, Ms. Vithika Rahul and Dr. Rita Khanna were also in attendance.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp, which was followed by the felicitation of the guests by the Principal. Dr. Saini addressed the gathering, welcoming the guests. Vice Principal spoke about how Psychology and Sociology present an insight into the human mind. Ms. Vithika Rahul talked about how learning is constructive and helps create minds. A mesmerising Shiv Aradhana set the tone for the festival.

Mosaic comprised three events: Mind games, the Psychology and Sociology quizzes; Canvas, the poster painting competition and a Just a Minute competition. The topic for the sociology quiz was ‘Indian Society’; and ‘Mind Games’ challenged the students’ knowledge and understanding of the subjects. ‘Canvas’ gave the budding artists an opportunity to express themselves on topics such as Peer pressure, religious intolerance, caste inequalities etc and on topics such as ‘Distress to De-stress: the Transition process’ and ‘Catharsis: A Cleaning Process’.

The closing ceremony began with a melodious performance by the western music choir, a harmonious instrumental piece on the sitar and tabla, followed by a mellifluous duet and ended with some innovative beat boxing. Mrs. Sreerupa Mitra Chaudhary addressed the gathering, saying “The only thing you need to aspire to is to overcome fear.” Dr. Monalisa Palit spoke about how psychology is related very closely to our daily activities. The much awaited results were announced.

Birla Vidya Niketan came first in the Psychology quiz and DAV Public School, Gurgaon bagged second position. The Sociology quiz was won by New Era Public School in the 1st Position, with DPS Mathura Road placed second. Delhi Police Public School and Holy Child Auxilium School were awarded first and second positions in ‘Canvas’ respectively. For the Just A minute Competition, the first position went to Delhi Public School, Rohini and Springdales School stood second. The overall trophy was awarded to DAV Public School, Gurgaon.

The event broadened the students’ horizons of Psychology and Sociology, and was an enriching experience for all present.


A collage making competition was organized by Club Biologique for the students of class 6 on 3rd August, 2015 in the Senior Biology lab under the guidance of Teacher in-charge, Mrs. Sushma Sardana. The topic was “Food and Lifestyle”, to raise awareness in the younger generation about healthy choices and the long term benefits of having a healthy lifestyle. The Headmistress, Ms. Anita Singh graced the event with her presence and appreciated the students for their creativity and their hard work. The judges for the competition were Mr. J.S. Virdi and Mrs. Jatindar. The winners were:

1st Prize: Shuchita &Yashvi of Class 6 H
2nd Prize: Shinjini &Samiha of Class 6 K
3rd Prize: Aditi & Anika of Class 6 C


The Hindi department of Delhi Public School, RK Puram organised ‘Jashne-e-Aazadi’ from the 3rd to 14 August under the guidance of the Head of the Department, Mrs Jyoti Bakshi. In this program students from class 6th to 12th participated in huge numbers.The first independence war, Non-cooperation movement. ,the Dandi march etc were depicted by the children of 6th standard and they paid a tribute to the freedom fighters. On this occasion, the Principal Dr. D.R Saini; Headmistress Mrs Anita Singh and teachers of the Hindi department were present to inspire and motivate the students.

On 5th August, a poetry recitation competition was organised for class 7th in the school studio in which 22 students participated. The entire Hindi department was present there.The Principal appreciated the efforts of the students and inspired them with his wise words,”Janani,janma bhoomi,matra bhasha tatha hindi basha ka sada samman karna chahiye.”

On 11th August, the students of class 8th prepared wonderful boards in front of D-block which were exhibited, depicting the history of our freedom struggle.All the students watched this event.The last day of “Jashn-e-Aazadi” concluded with the participation of the students of class 9th and 10th. Class 10th presented patriotic poems with acting and action in the event “Geet Anbhineet” and class 9 presented several patriotic songs. 70 students of class 10th and 120 students of class 9th participated in this event. Prizes and certificates were distributed to the winners. On this occasion, the guest of honour was Shri M.K. Garg who works for conserving the environment and is a poet too. He was very happy to be a part of this event and he entertained the audience by reciting various humorous poems..
The Hindi department worked really hard for the execution of this 12 day program.

Independence Day Celebration 2015



Econorm, the annual Economics festival, was hosted by Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram on 13 August 2015. It included inter-school competitions, in which 30 schools across Delhi-NCR participated.

The Chief Guest for the event was Dr. Saurabh Garg, Joint Secretary of the Department of Economic Affairs in the Ministry of Finance. Also present were the Principal, Dr. D. R. Saini; Vice Principal, Mrs.Shobha Mehta; Headmistresses Ms. Vanita Sehgal and Ms. Anita Singh, along with the head of the Economics department, Dr. Renu Nayar, and her team of teachers.

The event commenced with the lighting of the lamp, and felicitation of the Chief Guest. The theme of the event was “From darkness to light”. The cultural programme consisted of an invocation dance followed by a mellifluous rendition of a classical song by the school choir. A mesmerising performance by the Dance Club was showcased.The Principal, Dr. D. R. Saini welcomed the gathering and spoke about the thrill of participation. The Chief Guest, Dr. Saurabh Garg, expressed the importance of Economics in everyday life and its connections to various fields of study. The head of the Economics department, Dr. Renu Nayar delivered the vote of thanks.

The panel of judges included; Dr.Rachna Jawa, Professor at Sri Ram College of Commerce, Ms Archana Mehra, Ph.D in Economics, and Ms. Ritu Bhardwaj, M. Phil in Economics.
There were six competitive events. Online events comprised a case study competition and a filmmaking activity. The onsite events included “Eco Toons” in which students had to make an appropriate cartoon on the topic “Inflation, a bitter burden”, “Tell-a-Tale” an extempore activity, and a two-round quiz competition. There was a Surprise Event which consisted of a crossword competition based on general economic terms. The array of competitions ended with presentations on “E-waste” and conservation of water.

The prize distribution ceremony was conducted by Dr. Saini and Dr. Renu Nayar. All the winners of the events were awarded certificates and trophies. The case study competition was won by DPS R. K. Puram, while Loreto Convent came second and Holy Child came third. Indian School won the first prize in the filmmaking activity, followed by DPS Dwarka and Vasant Valley in the second and third places respectively. “Eco-Toons” was won by DPS SushantLok, the second position was bagged by DPS Mathura Road while the third prize went to DPS Faridabad. Modern School, Vasant Kunj secured the first position in “Tell-a-Tale”, Ryan International came second while DPS Gurgaon and Indian School tied for the third position. The quiz was won by DPS Noida followed by Modern School, Vasant Vihar and DPS R. K. Puram in the second and third position respectively. Vasant Valley won the Surprise Event, with DPS Vasant Kunj coming in second, and a tie for the third position between DPS International and St. Columbus.
The Rolling Trophy was awarded to Modern School, Vasant Vihar.

The event concluded with Dr. Saini thanking all the participating schools for being a part of this event.


Delhi Public School, RK Puram hosted an interactive workshop for History teachers of Delhi &NCR on 8th August 2015.The event was co-ordinated by Ms. Padma Srinivasan, Head of the Department of History under the patronage of the Principal, Dr. D R Saini.

Mr.DT Sudharsan Rao, Joint secretary and In-charge, (Academics & Training) CBSE, gave the keynote address. The programme comprised of interactive sessions to facilitate the teaching and learning process.

The first session, ‘New approaches the teaching of History’ was addressed by Prof. Malay Neerav, Joint Dean, Delhi University &faculty at St. Stephens College.

In the next session was about “Project work in History” and was dealt by Mr Sandeep Sethi, Education Officer, CBSE. He advised the participant teachers to make the project , a fun activity for the students.The teachers were divided in to groups to plan out projects.

In the 3rd session, teachers brain stormed and listed out the topics which were challenging and which most of their students found difficult to study.

The last session was a face to face interaction with Ms.Sugandha Sharma, Associate Professor/Additional Director & Incharge (Research and Innovation), CBSE, about the anomalies in class IX and X question papers, difficulties and challenges faced by the examinees and the examiners during board examinations and ways to deal with them.

Ms.S.Sharma congratulated all the teachers for their sincere effort and hard work which resulted in excellent results in History Board Exams in recent years. She attributed it to the introduction of project work in the subject.

The workshop concluded with the valedictory function and the teachers were given certificates by Ms .Sugandha Sharma.


Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram hosted ‘Swar Tarang’, a celebration of the rich heritage of Indian classical music on 6th August 2015. The Principal, Dr. D.R. Saini; Vice Principal, Mrs. Shobha Mehta and the entire Music department were in attendance. The judges’ panel included Mrs. Jyotika Dayal Paust, an accomplished Kathak dancer and Hindustani classical vocalist; Ms. Veena Pahri, a semi classical singer and programme executive for All India Radio and Mr. Manjeet Singh, a well-known Hindustani classical vocalist.

12 schools participated in the musical extravaganza which consisted of two categories of events- a duet performance and a group song. The ceremony commenced with the lighting of the lamp and the felicitation of the judges. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Shobha Mehta addressed the gathering and extended a warm welcome to all participating schools. This was followed by a mesmerising classical dance performance entitled ‘Ganesh Stuthi.’ The competition consisted of several mellifluous renditions of classical Hindustani compositions by the participating schools. A self-composed raga by DPS R.K. Puram’s Indian classical orchestra marked the end of the competition. Ms. Veena Pahri and Mrs. Jyotika Dayal Paust congratulated all the participants and spoke on the importance of classical music in everyday life followed by a beautiful performance by Mr. Manjeet Singh.

In the prize distribution ceremony, Delhi Public School, Rohini was declared the overall winner, followed by The Mother’s International School and Delhi Public School, Mathura Road in the second and third place respectively. The Mother’s International School bagged the first prize in the duet category, followed by Delhi Public School, Dwarka in second and Delhi Public School, Rohini in third place. In the group category, the first prize was won by Delhi Public School, Rohini while The Indian School came second and Delhi Public School, Mathura Road stood third.

Mr. Rajesh Kumar Upadhyay delivered the vote of thanks and the event concluded with the National Anthem. Swar Tarang was an enriching experience for all students and a treat for music lovers.


On 29th July, 2015, Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram’s Geography department organised an intra-school ‘International Tiger Day’ competition, to sensitize the students about the importance of tigers in our ecological system. Students and teachers alike joined in the celebrations to emphasise the importance of conserving our national animal, and to spread awareness about the cause. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr Sudeep Sen, an award winning author and poet. The Quiz Master for the event was Mr Deep Raj, an environmental planner for UCF.

The Principal, Dr. D.R. Saini; Vice Principal, Mrs.Shobha Mehta; Headmistresses, Ms Vanita Sehgal and Mrs Anita Singh; and the Geography department, along with their Head of Department, Mrs. Rupa Das, were also in attendance. NDTV covered the event.

The event commenced with the felicitation of the chief guest by the Principal and a moment of silence was observed to pay respects to Dr.Kalam.

Ms. Rupa Das welcomed the guests, and spoke about how majestic tigers are, and the vital role played by them in the food chain. Addressing the audience, Dr. Saini emphasised how humans should learn, and imbibe the strength and speed of tigers.

An invocation dance to goddess Durga set the tone for the various activities and competitions which were held for students of classes 6th to 12th. These included a quiz competition, a slogan portrayal, a T-shirt painting, ramp walk competition, PowerPoint presentation and a street play on the slaughter of tigers. The audience was entertained with a short video clip on tigers and their habitats. The students enthusiastically and actively participated in all the activities.

The chief guest, Mr Sudeep Sen offered a word of encouragement, following which the prizes and certificates were distributed among the winners.

Vansh Gupta and Dikshant of 7-K won the quiz, and first place in the PowerPoint Competition was bagged by Prithvi Paul Chathrath and Prithvi Rana of class 10-I, and Arnav Singh and Yuveer Bagai of class 10-E were placed second. The T-shirt painting competition was won by Udbhav of class 9-H, Vaibhav and Kanav of class 9-L were second and Vaibhav Gupta and Mohan Malik of 9-I came third.

Mrs. Arti Trivedi delivered the vote of thanks. The event was a huge success, and helped spread awareness about the need for conservation of tigers.


Ms. Pranathi Iyer of class 12-K performed her Bharanatyam Arangetram on 18th July 2015 at the India International Center, New Delhi. Dr. D R Saini, Prinicipal of DPS R K Puram and Dr. (Mrs) Chandra Tripathi of GAIL (India) Ltd. were the Guests of the honor at the programme.

Pranathi has been learning Bharatanatyam for almost 10 years now, of which she has spent 8 years under the guidance of Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan ( Padma Bhushan Awardeee ). In this program, the Guru presented the disciple before the audience after having trained her rigorously over the last 8 years. The Principal, Dr. Saini and Dr. (Mrs) Chandra Tripathi spoke words of encouragement for Pranathi and emphasized the importance of extra-curricular activities to boost academic performance.

School Level – CBSE Avishkar Quiz Results

Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram organised School Level of CBSE Avishkar Quiz on 9th July 2015. The results are as follows:

Top 5 Ranks – Classes 6 to 8

#SchoolRank Rno Name Class Sec
1 800000018 Vedant Garg [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] VIII D
1 800000023 Siddhant Parekh [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] VIII E
2 800000042 Madhav Krishan sareen VIII I
3 600000016 Anika Sharma VI C
3 700000013 ISMA BAIG VII E
3 800000016 Raghav Bedi VIII D
3 800000037 Pranit Chadda VIII H
3 800000040 Yajur Tayal VIII H
3 800000049 Pulan Pattanaik VIII J
4 600000018 Preksha Khate VI C
4 700000006 Turrag Dewan VII B
4 800000020 Rehan Mehta VIII E
4 800000021 Sahaj Khurana VIII E
4 800000034 Ruchi Dhewal VIII G
5 700000032 Snigdha Adil VII I
5 800000024 Simran Narang VIII E
5 800000026 Mayank Sachdeva VIII F
5 800000027 Prithvi bhasin VIII F
5 800000044 Agrim Sinha VIII J

Top 5 Ranks – Classes 9 to 12

#SchoolRank Rno Name Class Sec
1 900000080 Isha Arora [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] IX K
1 120000017 Kartik Bhatnagar [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] XII G
2 900000036 Ritvik Gupta IX F
2 100000053 Ishan Jain X I
3 900000004 Pulkit Gupta IX A
3 110000026 Aaryaman Batra XI F
4 900000041 Aman Verma IX G
4 900000052 Himanshu Panda IX H
4 900000053 Jasmine Dar IX H
4 900000068 Adithya Kumar IX J
4 900000086 Shreeya Singhal IX K
4 900000088 Simran Hiranandani IX K
4 100000002 Aditit Gairola X A
4 100000058 Srushti Dhoke X I
4 100000065 Abhirup Srivastav X K
4 110000041 Vikram Aditya Sharma XI F
4 110000054 Tushar Singh XI G
4 110000058 Apoorv Katiyar XI H
4 120000011 Syed Amjad XII F
4 120000053 Vishal Singh XII K
4 120000084 Vishal Chanda XII R
5 900000013 AYUSH CHINMAY IX C
5 900000031 Gursher Aujla IX F
5 900000051 Gunjan Anand IX H
5 900000054 Kirtana Devaraj IX H
5 900000073 Harshal Naidu IX J
5 900000092 Shreya Goel IX L
5 100000019 Siddhant Dash X B
5 100000044 Vikram Iyer X F
5 100000052 Debmeet Banerjee X I
5 100000064 Vaibhav Khullar X J
5 100000074 Siddhanta Panda X L
5 110000043 Aradhya Narain XI G
5 110000053 Satyam Saxena XI G
5 110000057 Anirudh Nair XI H
5 110000060 Peru dayani XI H
5 110000061 Satwik Singh XI H
5 110000073 Riya Singh XI I
5 110000080 ARNUV JOSHI XI J
5 110000125 Pranjal Mittal XI M
5 120000001 Pratyush Bhatnagar XII C

Click here to view the RANKS of all applicants

Digex Club Workshop

​The Digex Club organised a workshop for the members of the club on the 13th of May 2015​ and ​a representative from Canon, the imagining partner of the ​Club conducted it.

The workshop was extremely interactive and very informative. The students learned a lot from the experienced photographer, Mr Niteesh. The room was abuzz with excitement as the amateurs and the representative discussed their mutual passion, the art which brought them together, photography. The workshop was attended by students from classes IX-XII. It explored the intricacies of low light photography as well as architectural and portrait photography. The students gained a greater understanding of the various settings of the camera and the various results different combinations would produce. Mr Niteesh shared his knowledge on the topic of wildlife photography and explained how to make a picture more attractive and increase the curiosity and grab the attention of the person looking at the picture. The Principal, Dr. D.R.Saini also appreciated the efforts and support of Mr. Niteesh from Canon India Pvt. ltd. The workshop was a great experience and organized by the ​Digex teacher incharge, Mrs Sarika Kaushal.​


RoboKnights, the Robotics Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized “Indian RoboCupJunior 2015 (north zone)” in association with Indian RoboCup Junior Foundation (IRCJF) on Saturday, 25th April 2015.More than hundred students from ten schools of the Delhi-NCR region participated in this event.

Apart from Mr.Renya Kekuchi, Chairman and President of Learning Systems Co. Ltd, Japan which designs and markets STEM learning software, robotics kits and IT equipment and Mr. Tairo Nomura, Associate Professor with Saitama University, Japan, whose major areas of specialization include Educational Technology,Instructional Design, Human Interface, Information Education, and Science and Technology Education, Mr.David Prakash Director of LS Creative Learning System and trustee of IRCJF was also present.

The day began with the lighting of the lamp and Ganesha sthuthi. The Principal, Dr. D.R. Saini addressed the gathering and warmly welcomed all the participating schools and the guests in auditorium. After speeches of the dignitaries, participants were guided to the competition venue, “the yoga room”, by the volunteers.

“Rescue” was the theme of the competition, in which the participants were to make an autonomous line following, obstacle avoiding robot. The robot was also required to transport an object that symbolized an injured person to a safe location. At end of the day, after a fierce competition, team from Birla Vidya Niketan, Saket was declared as winner. Apeejay School, Pitampura and Delhi Public School, Vasant Kunj were declared as runner-up and second runner-up respectively. These three teams, along with two more teams from Ahlcon Public School, Mayoor Vihar were chosen for the national level of Indian RoboCupJunior 2015 to be held at Bangalore.


Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram has been teamed with two Government Schools -Jose Marti Sarvodya Vidyalaya Sector 12, R.K. Puram & Sarvodya Vidyalaya No. 3, Sector-7, R. K. Puram

  • With a view to promote interaction and cooperation between the government and private schools, the Directorate of Education has started a new programme ‘TEAMING’ with effect from the current academic session.
  • Jose Marti SarvodyaVidyalaya Sector 12, R.K. Puram & SarvodyaVidyalaya No. 3, Sector-7, R.K. Puram are the two Government schools which have been teamed with Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram
  • On 7th May 2015, 50 Students of class IX along with three teachers from the two schools attended an hour long morning assembly of class IX Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram.
  • The students of the two schools enjoyed the dances, group song, skit etc. put up by the students of IX-C of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram. It was an enriching experience for them.
  • The students and teachers had an interactive session with the Principal Dr. D.R. Saini and the Vice-Principal Ms. Shobha Mehta in the office of the Principal.Dr. Saini conveyed to the students that they had all the qualities and traits to excel in life. All of them have the potential within them to become Doctors /Engineers. He inspired them by his motivating words. He also told them that if they worked hard, they can someday occupy high positions in Society. Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram will assist them in every way to translatetheir dreams into reality. The students were highly motivated.
  • Mrs. Shobha Mehta, the co-ordinator of the programme informed the students that with hardwork and commitment, all of them can achieve success in lifeand become worthy citizens of India. She told them about the importance of hard work, sincerity of purpose and willingness to work to achieve success in life.
  • The students and teachers then visited the School Library and the Sports Complex to get the first-hand experience of the facilities available at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram which could be used by them also.
  • Everyone pledged to work together to realize maximum benefits of the Teaming Programme between the three schools.

Class XII students of Jose Marti Sarvodya Vidyalaya Sector 12, R.K. Puram & Sarvodya Vidyalaya No. 3, Sector-7, R. K. Puram schools attended the Morning Assembly of Class XII-E students of DPS R. K. Puram along with the teachers. They also had an interactive session with the Principal Dr. D. R. Saini, Principal DPS Hissar and Mrs. Shobha Mehta, Vice Principal, DPS R. K. Puram.

Visit to the Humayun’s Tomb by DIGEX Club

The DIGEX Club visited the Humayun’s Tomb on 6 May 2015 for a Photowalk. Mr. Nitish from Canon had volunteered to teach the students about architectural photography. Students from class VI to XII participated in this workshop. The students clicked several pictures of unique patterns, designs and domes of the Mughal era. The students showed their skill in photography as they captured beautiful images of these breathtaking structures from different angles and perspectives. They also captured the intricacies of the architecture of the buildings and how they were embellished by the gardens around the tomb. They photographed all the other tombs and structures in the complex. The students were accompanied by the teacher incharge, Ms. Sarika Kaushal. In the end, they paid respect to the soul of Humayun by maintaining 2 minutes of silence in front of Humayun’s burial place as a homage. The photowalk was a hands-on learning experience for all the students who have gained knowledge and are interesting in practising photography.



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