A special 1 hour yoga session was conducted for the hostellers in the AVH on 17th Dec, 2015 at 5.30 pm by the Yoga Teacher Ms. Vishu Gupta. The programme started with an address by Dr. Saini in which he emphasized the importance of yoga for a healthy body and a calm mind.

The Yoga session started with a video on introduction to yoga. The students did several asanas and pranayama practices. Students were taught tratak for improving concentration and neck and shoulder exercises for improving flexibility. The Session ended with yogic relaxation and meditation. Handouts were distributed to the students to help them in their yoga practice later.

The response from the students was extremely positive. They felt relaxed and energized and enthusiastically posed several questions.

Not only was Dr. Saini present in the entire session, but he also whole-heartedly performed all the asanas and practices.