Workshop on Personal Grooming and Computer Training

Two workshops for the teachers were held on 17 September 2018, in the AVH. The sessions were coordinated by Ms. Vandana Chandhoke and Ms. Niva Chhonkar.

 Session 1
Computer Training Programme
Mr Mukesh Kumar and Mr. Mohitendra Dey

An informative and hands-on workshop was jointly conducted by Mr.Mukesh Kumar and Mr.Mohitendra Dey for the teachers on 17 September 2018 in Computer Lab 5.

The workshop focused on the best practices while working online in a safe and secure environment. Safe and efficient practices of using the internet and the benefits of using a GSuite Account for Education, Documentation using Google Docs in a collaborative platform and analyzing data with Google sheets were also discussed at great length . Teachers created an online quiz for the students using Google Forms. All this was done with hands-on activities using each teacher’s GSuite account. It was a great learning experience for everyone.

Session 2
Personal Grooming for Professional Life
Pearl Academy

Ms. Pushpa Joshi, from Pearl Academy coordinated the session. With over 12 years of experience in education, Ms Joshi is The Coordinator Outreach at Pearl Academy.  Ms. Vasundhara  Khatri was the resource person. She has worked as a professional Stylist and Image Makeover Consultant. Currently she is working as an Assistant Professor, Fashion Styling, at Pearl Academy.

Ms.Khatri started the session by linking professional styling with image and appearance. She elaborated on how fashion goes hand in hand with one’s body and personality.  She discussed how  sartorial choices and general fashion sense should be in harmony with the profession. She listed certain parameters to help decode the correct attire- occasion, lifestyle, body type, personality, needs and preferences. The choices should be attractive in order to generate positivity and in the process, one should be mindful of personal grooming and hygiene. All the tips guarantee the right attention and attitude from those around . She stressed on how an individual’s fashion sense decides a lot in terms of creating an appearance as it adds to their first impression because the other person takes seconds to decode the non-verbal cues. Everyone make the choices  based on visual perception and body image. Everyone- be it a home maker or a corporate giant- needs image management as the image works in the Vocal, Visual and Verbal manner. Lastly, she spoke about “neutral dressing”, on how to choose brands wisely and provided tips that could come in handy while selecting the fabric, style and colour of wardrobe for professional scenarios. The Vice Principal, Dr. Renu Nayar, extended the vote of thanks.