Workshop on Indo-Swiss bi-lateral relations/Switzerland

The Embassy of Switzerland and Delhi Public School Society are ‘celebrating the year 2012 as the year of Indo-Swiss friendship’. Under this umbrella theme, a number of projects have been planned and finalized.

The first phase of the project began on the 25th of April, at the Embassy of Switzerland New Delhi, and comprised of a workshop on Indo-Swiss bi-lateral relations and Switzerland. This initiative will be followed by a series of workshops. During these workshops, information on Switzerland, and its relations with India, with whom it shares a history of friendship, dating back to much beyond the 60 years officially recorded, will be presented in an interactive and innovative fashion.
Further to the above, the workshop held at DPS R.K. Puram on 14th of May saw the presence of Mr. Martin Strub, Deputy Head of Mission, Embassy of Switzerland New Delhi and Ms. Ruchita Jindal, Media Officer, and was conducted by Ms. Sarah Baettig, Officer – Projects, Events and Education, Embassy of Switzerland New Delhi and targeted app. 60 students, of classes 6, 7 & 8. The topics covered were: Indo-Swiss bi-lateral relations/Switzerland, carried out using varied didactic tools and methodologies, in order to make the learning experience interesting. The students participated enthusiastically, which was visible in their active participation during the ‘quiz’, held at the end of the workshop, wherein the students won Presence Switzerland caps as ‘prizes’.

An important objective of this project is to enable the discovery of similarities and diversities between India and Switzerland, thereby highlighting existing bilateral relations and paving the way for strengthening and expanding the same. The project  holds even more significance, since ‘General Knowledge’ and ‘Geography’ are significant subjects for students, wherein they learn about the world, through innovative media. Subsequent to the workshops conducted, students will be invited to take part in a series of activities, across the summer vacations, which will include: making an ‘Indo-Swiss calendar’, a ‘brochure’ on the ‘unexplored’ Switzerland, poster-making competition with the theme Indo-Swiss friendship, photography exhibition and many others.

The ‘culmination’ of the project is foreseen in July, with a quiz on the various aspects of Switzerland, and presentation of the works of students, during a cultural event/award presentation.