Workshop On First Aid And Lab Safety Rules

A workshop on First Aid and Lab Safety rules was organized on 14 September 2018, in the Audio Visual hall. It was attended by 54 participants from the Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Computer Departments including Laboratory Incharges, Lab Assistants and the teachers using these labs. Housekeeping and kitchen staff also attended this workshop. The workshop was coordinated by Ms. Niva Chhonkar and Ms. Vandana Chandhoke.

The Principal, Ms Vanita Sehgal, addressed them emphasising the role of lab assistants and teachers in ensuring the safety of students when they are with them in the lab. Keeping this in mind, she appealed to them to give suggestions about measures that should be taken for enhanced safety  nd in case any equipment needed replacement .

Dr Pushpinder Singh  gave a presentation on the general and  specific precautions to be followed in each lab. He demonstrated the action to be taken in case of emergencies like burns, cuts, fire and so on. He also suggested that some video clips should be shown to the students  in the beginning of the year about  measures that must be taken to avert accidents.

The Heads of Departments were requested to display lab safety rules in their labs for the safety of the students and all the teachers were asked to make the students aware of the consequences if they do not adhere to lab safety rules.