Workshop For Teachers – 16 September 2017

Two workshops were organized for the teachers of East of Kailash ,Vasant Vihar and R. K. Puram on 16 September 2017 from 8:00 AM to 10:45 AM in the AVH. In the first session, Dr.O.P.Yadava, CEO and Chief Cardiac Surgeon at the National Heart Institute, addressed the teachers on ‘Stress – A Physical and Psychological Disorder’. The ideology behind the workshop was to understand the concept of stress and its effects. Dr. Yadava emphasized on the need for us to be more accepting about setbacks in life.

Dr.O.P Yadava spoke about the need to decipher the difference between good stress and bad stress. He advised that people should not focus on either their failures or victories, as this may result in severe stress problems. He emphasized that we must keep our thought process positive.

The second session was about ‘The Mental Health of Children In the Classroom’ which began at 9:20 AM. Ms Greetika Virdi, Counselling Psychologist, and Aditi Kaulitz, Expressive Art Based Therapist, Fortis Hospital started the workshop with an interesting activity.

They focused on the fact that it is important to identify the specific problem that a child might be facing and fulfill their required demands accordingly. They emphasized that the most integral part of the teaching process is to show empathy towards the need of a child, build the child’s confidence and to focus on various aspects of the child’s mental development. They mentioned that teachers must be accepting and understanding regarding the various kinds of personalities in their respective classrooms.

Both the sessions were quite interactive with many teachers putting up queries and seeking advice on dealing with various situations in their classrooms.