Workshop For Teachers on 20th September 2017

Three workshops for teachers were conducted on 20.09.2017 at the AVH. The first session on ‘UNDERSTANDING ADOLESCENCE’ was conducted by Dr Bhavuk Patel and Ms Sanya from the Department of Mental Health  and Behavioural Sciences at Fortis Healthcare. They were welcomed by the Vice Principal Ms Renu Nayar and felicitated by the Vice Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan with a token of regard. It was a very interactive session with a discussion on various class room situations wherein a conflict of interests and problems of the students with authorities emerged. The doctors presented solutions to pacify adolescents who are aggressive in their approach. A soft approach to encourage them to talk about issues plaguing them was recommended.

The second session was on ‘FINANCIAL EDUCATION’ conducted by Mr Deepak Gulati. FCA, LLB partner at Deepak Gulati & Associates, Chartered Accountants. He was given a warm welcome by the Vice Principal Ms Padma Srinivasan. He threw light on Direct and Indirect taxes with a lot of facts and figures. The teachers were informed about the difference between tax and cess charged at various levels. The mandatory requirement of the PAN card and Aadhar card for various purposes was also highlighted. It was a very informative session with the due dates of the income tax and changes therein being brought out in the financial year and assessment year.

The third session was conducted by a police official informing the teachers about the mandatory requirement of a Police Clearance Certificate by the DoE. He explained the procedure for the same and requested the teachers to comply with the orders as soon as possible.