Winter Carnival 2017

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram hosted its Annual Winter Carnival on 15 December 2017 with great ardour and exuberance.
Smartly accoutred in casuals, the students were prepared to ensure a balance between gorging on delicious food at the popular food stalls and letting their hair down to the latest mixes by their fellow student-DJs.

The event began at the Assembly Stage with the formal inauguration by the revered Principal, where she highlighted and publicly appreciated the Teacher-organizers. Student-representatives from each class were invited on stage to release helium-filled balloons which scattered across the sky their colours and announced the commencement of the program.

This was followed by rock and pop inspired musical performances by the school choirs of various grades, which gradually gave way to the DJs, their contemporary remixes and a naturally peppier environment.

The Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal, Vice-Principals, Dr. Renu Nayar, Ms. Padma Srinivasan and Ms. Anita Singh, along with the Headmistress, Ms. Rashmi Malhotra actively took part in the festivities and rubbed shoulders with the students.

The main field had a stage and the stalls. Teachers took charge of the game stalls, including Coins n Bucket, Calligraphy, Fishing the Bottle, Knock-down Pyramid, Ring Game and several more.

Certain new stalls were introduced this year, like Dr. Wood Puzzle, the highlight of the Business Studies Department.

The staples – Photography & Mug Prints, Scrabble, and Painting stalls, did tremendously well.

The Talent Show, for the purpose of which a special stage was constructed, consisted of events like Juggling, Rubik’s Cube, Freestyle Sports, Singing, Beat Boxing and Dancing for which the faculty members acted as judges.

There were several surprise events anchored by Ms. Abha Chona, Ms. Alinda Holla and Ms. Sangeeta Mishra. A Flashmob and an Aerobics performance by a few trained students were the other highlights.

It was a nostalgic occasion for the twelfth standard students as it was their last carnival in school.

The credits for this being an indelible day rightfully go to the cooperative, hard working administration and all those who remained cheerful throughout the day.