Visit to the Rashtrapati Bhawan

Dates: 18 January 2018 (VII I and K)

19 January 2018 (VII A and B)

1 February 2018 (VII E and F)

2 February 2018 (VII G and H)

8 February 2018 (VII C and D)

9 February 2018 (VII J)

A visit to the Rashtrapati Bhawan was organized for the students of class VII during the months of January and February 2018. After the initial formalities pertaining to the entry into the main building, an official from the Rahtrapati Bhawan introduced the students to the building. This included a brief description about the area, the number of rooms, the main statue of the “Sahastrabahu Alokiteshvara” – the Buddha with a thousand arms, the stones used to build and decorate the interiors, the design and architecture of the building, and the names of the architects.

After this, the students and teachers were taken to different halls and rooms like Durbar Hall, Ashoka Hall and the rooms designated for various meetings. Students were shown the famous dome, the canon and were explained the meaning and importance of the different positions of the National Flag with respect to the mast.

The students felt enlightened and happy at having been provided with an opportunity to visit the Rashtrapati Bhawan which holds national importance strategically, as well as in terms of its history, culture, politics and aesthetics.

The excursion ended with students being extremely delighted to witness a few planes of the Indian Air Force fly past as a part of their rehearsal for the Republic Day.