Visit To The National Museum

Students of class VI visited the National Museum from 24 April 2018 to 02 May 2018. At the museum, the students were divided into groups and a guide was allotted to each group to help the students gain a better perspective about the exhibits. The students were taken on a tour of the various galleries such as the gallery of Harappan Civilization, the gallery showcasing Early Medieval Art to the one showing Late Medieval Art and other galleries including the ones showcasing Indian Miniature Paintings and Jewellery.

Students showed keen interest in learning about ancient tools and weapons. They were fascinated by the ancient artefacts on display and the unique glimpse offered by all the objects and paintings, into the culture and heritage of India.

On the whole, the trips were uniquely educational experience for the students and offered them a much required glimpse into the world of historical India and its impact on the present.