Visit to the Humayun’s Tomb by DIGEX Club

The DIGEX Club visited the Humayun’s Tomb on 6 May 2015 for a Photowalk. Mr. Nitish from Canon had volunteered to teach the students about architectural photography. Students from class VI to XII participated in this workshop. The students clicked several pictures of unique patterns, designs and domes of the Mughal era. The students showed their skill in photography as they captured beautiful images of these breathtaking structures from different angles and perspectives. They also captured the intricacies of the architecture of the buildings and how they were embellished by the gardens around the tomb. They photographed all the other tombs and structures in the complex. The students were accompanied by the teacher incharge, Ms. Sarika Kaushal. In the end, they paid respect to the soul of Humayun by maintaining 2 minutes of silence in front of Humayun’s burial place as a homage. The photowalk was a hands-on learning experience for all the students who have gained knowledge and are interesting in practising photography.