Singapore International Science Camp 2017

A total of 12 students from Class XI accompanied by Ms. Archna Deepak attended the Science Camp at National University of Singapore from 18 to 23 December 2017.

The students went on a city cruise and got an opportunity to see Singapore’s technological prowess and it’s historical landmarks. The city has a unique blend of modern and traditional architecture and buildings that makes it stand apart.

The students were given a warm welcome by the faculty at NUS.  On the first day, they were given a talk on autonomous vehicles by Professor Marcelo and also came to know about SMART (Singapore MIT Alliance for Research and Technology).

They also had a chat with Mr .Rong Kang, the Technical lead from HelloHolo who introduced them to the advancements in mixed reality through the Microsoft Hololens .

Next day the students had a workshop on LuMen . The workshop was conducted by Chelsea, the Creative Director of LuMen, the name of the mastermind organization behind the fascinating and unique dances. Through the talks the students were briefed about the journey from manually controlled illuminated dance suits to fully automated and pre-programmed suits. They also had a coding workshop where they had the chance to make their own dance routines.

The students also visited a 3D printing workshop, where they got to know about how this next-big-thing-in-tech works and got to see their very self-made fidget spinner come to life.

The visit to the Universal Studios was enjoyed dearly by everyone after all the interesting science sessions.

The students also visited the National Science Centre. There they saw a movie on Aurora’s in an omnitheatre , which was truly a thrilling experience . They also had a hands-on-workshop in Genetic Engineering and Chemistry of Coffee.

A visit to the A* Labs was an eye opener where they came across all the various gadgets which blurred the lines between the possible and impossible in the world of technology.

In the end there was a quiz which summed up all that the students had learnt. Gayatri Mehra and Shreya Wadhwa stood second in the Quiz. Adya Singh and Ashna Wadhwa won a special prize of having the best reflections among the 120 students present.

The trip was a great opportunity to learn not only about the recent technological advancements, but also enriched the pupils about the various opportunities that exist for them.  The trip gave them knowledge, invaluable experiences and golden memories.