Visit of Professors from Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland

The school hosted the visit of a delegation from Trinity College, Dublin comprising of Prof. Clive Williams, Dean of Engineering, Maths and Science; Prof. Timothy Savage, Dean of Online Education and Assistant Professor of Computer Science; and Prof. Juergen Barkhoff, Director of the Trinity Long Room Hub Arts and Humanities Research Institute and Professor of Germanic Studies in the School of Languages, Literature and Cultural Studies; and Ms. Suchita Ohri, Country Advisor (India), Office of the Vice President for Global Relations, Trinity College.

The delegation first met with the Principal Dr. D. R. Saini, Education Counsellor Ms. Mamta Sharma, and Counsellor Mrs. Reena Vardhan, and discussed general issues regarding admission of our students to Trinity. While discussing the various features of their institution, the delegation also informed the Principal that Trinity planned to include the Indian Constitution in their course entitled International Law.

This was followed by an interactive presentation in the AVH for Class 11 students.

A great deal of interest was shown by the students, who asked several questions on the courses taught, eligibility criteria, the selection process and why a student should select Trinity over other prestigious institutions such as LSE.

It was a very informative session and greatly appreciated by the guests as well as the staff and students present.

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