Visit of Prof.Richard W.Siegel

The school was also honoured by the visit of Prof. Richard W. Siegel. Prof. Siegel is from Troy, New York. He is currently working in Rensselaer Nanotechnology Center, Rensselaer Polytechnic University. He is fondly called the “Father of Nanotechnology”. He has been the editor of various journals and editorials; he is also the founder of “Nanoface Technologies”, one of the first companies dealing in nanotechnology and nano-materials. He is the director and producer of 3D-IMAX productions, “Molecules to the Max” a 40-minute animated production for children and is currently working on “Molecularium” a 20-minute film set to hit the screens in January 2012. The professor has developed a website for kids: which will go up next month.

Prof. Siegel addressed the students in the audio visual hall.The event began with a presentation on nanomaterials and nanotechnology. This was followed by an interactive session highlighting the everyday uses of nanotechnology including the history of development of nanotechnology in the USA. The professor shared the various aspects of nanotechnology and how it is “the next-big-thing” with the audience. The program ended with a slideshow of in-production movie stills.