Class teachers and Subject teachers discussed the importance of discipline in all aspects of one’s life. They spoke about self discipline and the ways in which being disciplined can make one’s life easier. They also spoke to the students about the importance of maintaining discipline in school by following the school rules. Students were invited to participate in discussions related to the topic. They shared stories and incidents related to the importance of discipline. Students shared quotations and slogans related to discipline and put them up in the classroom.



Discipline is essential in all walks of life. Group discussions were conducted in classrooms regarding the importance of discipline and how it is useful, both in personal and professional life. Class teachers shared Gautama Buddha’s quotes on discipline. They were told how discipline guides our behaviour and sets limits to help us learn to take care of ourselves, other people and the world around us. Teachers spoke about the importance of discipline in our day to day life. Quotes related to discipline were put up in the class for better understanding. Students enthusiastically participated in the making of soft boards. They even shared their views regarding the topic and understood the importance of self-discipline.


Class VIII

A disciplined approach to life makes it easy. To this effect quotes were put up on the notice board to lay emphasis on the need for discipline in our day to day lives. Class teachers stressed upon the need for discipline in our daily routine. Students discussed how they conduct themselves in a disciplined manner, how they observe discipline and practice discipline.