Value Of The Month – Conflict Resolution August 2018

Class VI

Resolving conflicts peacefully is an essential skill. Students understood the importance of communicating with each other in order to identify the cause of conflict and then resolving it through further communication. Class teachers and Subject teachers spoke about the importance of resolving problems through communication. Students put up quotations and posters  and also discussed stories and incidents related to the topic.

Class VII

Conflict resolution is a way for two or more parties to find a peaceful solution to a disagreement among them. Often, each side benefits by participating in negotiations. Group discussions were conducted regarding the importance of the topic. Quotes related to the topic were put up in the class for better understanding. Class teachers spoke about the importance of Conflict Resolution in day to day life. Children brought quotes and images illustrating the value. A general discussion was undertaken on various classroom issues and how to resolve the same and live in peace and harmony. Children participated enthusiastically and came up with many ideas on topics such as keeping the classroom clean and helping each other in the time of need.

Class VIII

Resolving conflicts amicably leads to healthy peaceful environment. Conflict Resolution is an essential skill. The students were guided and advised to talk about their differences to solve their problems. The teachers also spoke about the importance of communication. Various quotes were put up on the topic. Students also related personal incidents.