‘Updation of Teaching Methodology’ – Business Studies Workshop

 Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized a Business Studies Workshop on Saturday, 18 May 2013 on ‘Updation of Teaching Methodology in Business Studies’. Over fifty teachers from various renowned schools of Delhi and the NCR attended it. The speakers for the day were Dr. M. M Goyal, Principal of PGDAV College, University of Delhi; Mr. Sandeep Sethi, Education Officer, CBSE; Dr. Anand Saxena, Associate Professor of Commerce at Deen Dayal Upadhyaya College, University of Delhi and Mrs. Bhuvana Ravi, Director, Abhay Capital Services Pvt. Ltd. and Ravi Rajan& Company Pvt. Ltd. The workshop was coordinated by the Head of the Business Studies Department of DPS RK Puram, Mrs. Rashmi Malhotra, along with her team of teachers. Also present for the workshop were the newly appointed Business Studies Club members.
The event commenced with the performance of the school band followed by a soulful recitation of the auspicious Saraswati Vandana by the choir. A presentation on Business Melange 2012, which gave the guests a glimpse of how the event had unfolded last year was shown. The Vice Principal, Mrs. Shobha Mehta, addressed the gathering and extended a warm welcome to the guests and teachers present. She spoke about how discipline is the bridge to success and the best way to instil the desired values in children is not by forcing them, but by ‘leading by example’.
The first speaker, Dr. M M Goyal started the session and talked about the trading and settlement procedures in the Indian Stock Market. He explained topics such as operational and informational efficiency. He gave examples from personal experiences through which he described how the process has become quick and concise, due to the advancement in technology and the coming of the World Wide Web.
Mr. Sandeep Sethi, the second speaker, discussed the 10 mark project that had been introduced last year in the Business Studies curriculum. It was an interactive session where teachers explained new ideas that students in their respective schools had come up with. According to Mr.Sethi, the main purpose behind introducing the project was to make students “come out of their shell”, and learn the concepts and have fun at the same time. He suggested that movies like “The Inside Job” which was based on business and economic concepts, could be shown to children so as to make them comprehend concepts better.
A humorous skit was put up by the Theatre club of the school, wherein they displayed the various principles of management given by Henry Fayol as well as other marketing concepts.
The third speaker for the day was Dr. Anand Saxena. He talked about topics like Private Public Partnership, Public Relations as well as publicity. He also explained the significance morals and common sense have in this field. Dr.Saxena expressed his disappointment at the recent trend of getting projects made from the market since it kills the creativity and the ability of the student to grasp an idea. To create an environment for enhanced performance, research should be done by the student himself. This knowledge will imprint itself on the student’s mind and will benefit him in the long run.
The last speaker of the day was Mrs. Bhuvana Ravi who explained what a stock exchange is, along with its origin and its various components like buying, selling, investing etc. She went on to talk about investments and how they differ from speculation and gambling. Similarly, she explained how equity trading, a high risk and high return investment option can be dealt with by customers. Other topics touched by her were market behaviour, industrial analysis etc.
The teachers were able to get answers to their queries and the workshop was a fruitful one.