Trip To Amar Jyoti School

The social service league of the school organised a trip to Amar Jyoti school, a charitable trust for the specially abled children on Saturday, 13 July 2019 with 20 volunteers and 2 school teachers. We were greeted by the principal of the school Ms Seema Tuli with a brief description about the school and the children, Ms Seema Tuli explained to the volunteers about the the activities these children performed daily. With high achievers in IT and Basketball, these children perform tasks better than most of us.
The volunteers were given a tour of the school by showing them the different classes for different needs. The children of the school performed a cultural show for the volunteers. The students of our school, in turn, sang a song. Students of both the schools participated in a basketball match. At the end, the volunteers gave some donation to the school. We learnt that the disability lies only in our minds.”