The Tenth Dhruv Rajgarhia Memorial Interschool Debate at DPS R.K.Puram

The tenth annual Dhruv Rajgarhia Memorial Interschool Debate was held at Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram on 25 August 2011 in honour of Dhruv who was a keen debater and a loved student of the school. The award was instituted in loving memory of Dhruv by his grandfather, Mr.K.L.Rajgarhia. Dhruv’s family, his parents and his sister Radhika were present on the occasion. The esteemed panel of judges consisted of Mrs Sunita Sharma who has been an English teacher and is now working as a free lancer, contributing in various spheres, both academic and non-academic. Mr Sahil Gupta, a film producer, singer, dancer and an actor, with his own talent hunting company called Moviscorp Productions, was another judge; the third judge was Ms Nyamat Bindra who works with NDTV and volunteers in NGOs and organizations like CanKids. She is currently pursuing her masters in Fine Arts from the Academy of Art, University of San Francisco, California, in motion pictures and television productions.

The motion before the house was, ‘Religion has become a good business.’ There were 20 teams from various schools across the city and the NCR, each composed of 3 members, one speaker for and one against the motion along with an interjector. The students spoke with eloquence and argued their case with great zeal. Those speaking for the motion emphasized on how the inherent principles and values associated with religion are today being sold for monetary gains. Those against expressed the view that religion remains unblemished by greed and continues to provide support and strength in times of need.

In the end, members of the audience also voiced their opinion on the topic. A face off took place between participants from different schools.

The judges shared their views with the gathering. Mrs Sharma expressed the view that in today’s world religion is often confused with ritualism. Mr Gupta and Ms Bindra offered some precious advice to the debaters to help hone their oratorical skills.
A special Jury’s award for a wonderful fresh perspective was given to Kiran Hans of Amity International School, Saket who interpreted the topic as, ‘Religion has become a bad business and not a good one’. The first , second and third positions for best speaker were given to Prashant Rakheja from DPS Gurgaon, Anirban Chattopadhya from DPS Mathura Road and Ananya Khaitan from DPS R.K.Puram, respectively. The best Interjector award went to Anuttama Ghosh of Mother’s International School. DPS Mathura Road was adjudged the best team and was awarded the Rolling Trophy. It was a truly enriching experience for all the students.

The winning team with Dr.D.R.Saini, Mr.Rajgarhia and Mrs. Prema Pandey