The International German Olympiad 2012

Arjun Kumar from XI-H, was selected from D.P.S. R.K.Puram to participate in the ‘Internationale Deutscholympiad 2012’.

The Zonal (Qualifying) Round was held on the 4th of April 2012 and consisted of a written as well as an oral examination. 12 students qualified for the oral exam after the written exam and after the oral examination only 4 students from the entire NCR Region qualified for the National Round, including Arjun Kumar. The National Round was held from 25-27 April in Faridabad.
At the end of the National Round, only 2 students were selected to participate in the International Round in Frankfurt, Germany from 1-14 July 2012.

Arjun Kumar from XI-H was selected along with a student from Chennai and will be representing India in Frankfurt in July for the final round of the ‘Internationale Deutscholympiad 2012’.

All costs, travel charges and lodging, will be paid for by the Goethe Institut and Max Mueller Bhavan.

Mr.Gurpreet Singh, HOD of German of D.P.S R.K.Puram, trained Arjun for both the Zonal and National rounds and will continue to do so for the International Round.