The G Bhaskar Memorial Lecture And Award Ceremony 2017

“Recognise and embrace the true meaning of life, break all barriers and reach for all the frontiers.”

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram held the G. Bhaskar Memorial lecture and award ceremony on 28 December 2017 in commemoration of G. Bhaskar, a very hardworking and talented student who joined the school in class eight. Slowly and steadily settling into the school, he won the hearts of his fellow students and teachers. Being an all-rounder, he excelled in academics and several extra-curricular activities. He was known for his ability to recite several chapters of the Shrimad Bhagwat Gita and for his formal training in Classical Carnatic music. He was also a proficient Badminton player and a part of the school’s Table Tennis team. He was very considerate and always ready to help others. Unfortunately, his success ended with his early demise.

The G. Bhaskar Memorial Award was instituted in his fond memory by his family in 1999. This prestigious award is given to extraordinary students, who not only excel in academics and co-curricular activities but also display a strong moral fibre.

The ceremony was graced by the Principal, Ms.Vanita Sehgal, the Vice Principal, Ms. Padma Srinivasan, the Event Incharge and Head of the Computer Science Department, Mr. Mukesh Kumar, G. Bhaskar’s mother, Mrs. Ganapati Raman and his brother, Mr. Ramnath G. along with other family members and friends. Ms. Sangeeta Rana coordinated the event.

The ceremony began with a minute of silence observed in G. Bhaskar’s honour. This was followed by a discussion on karma and the journey of the soul by Sri Sudhir Kumar, a propagator of the Bhagwat Gita associated with ISKCON Gurgaon and ISKCON Sydney. Mr. Kaushik, G. Bhaskar’s childhood friend also shared his thoughts with the students.

The Principal extended her support to G. Bhaskar’s family and thanked Mr. Mukesh Kumar for all his help. She praised the guest speaker for being phenomenal, highlighting his stress on knowing and performing one’s duty – which is finding gratitude and not always questioning others. She encouraged the students to be good human beings and to find happiness and satisfaction in what they have. She told them to do the duty God has ordained for them and ended by saying, “Don’t ask why me? Ask why not me?”

The award was presented to 5 exemplary students of Class 12, excelling in academics and co-curriculars and possessing a high moral character, by Mr. Ramnath, Mrs. Ganapati, Ms. Vanita Sehgal and Mr. Mukesh Kumar.

Mr. Ramnath, the elder brother of G. Bhaskar concluded the event with an inspirational speech. He praised the Principal and the school for their efforts. He said, “Life is always in the moment, so what happens next is always determined by what you think now.” The Bhaskar family members gave a token of their blessing, distributing chocolates to the students.

Mr. Ramnath also conducted an interactive session with the Hostel students of Class X1 after school hours, where he shared his experiences as a Researcher, Nanotechnology Expert and a Professor.