Stream Options for Class XI


  1. Science with Computer Science
    English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
  2. Science with Bio Tech
    English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Bio Tech
  3. Science with Economics
    English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Economics
  4. Science with Biology
    English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  5. Science with Legal Studies
    English, Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Legal Studies
  6. Science with Biology + Psychology
    English, Psychology, Physics, Chemistry, Biology
  7. Science with Biology + Bio Tech
    English, Bio Tech, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

  1. Commerce with Maths
    English, Maths, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics
  2. Commerce with Informatics Practices
    English, I.P., Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics
  3. Commerce with Legal Studies
    English, Legal Studies, Business Studies, Accountancy, Economics


  1. Humanities
    English and any four subjects of the following:

    Maths Physical Education
    Economics Fine Arts
    Psychology Web Tech
    Sociology Hindi Elective
    History Human Rights & Gender Studies
    Geography Legal Studies
    Political Science Sanskrit

Please Note:

  • Only feasible combinations of subjects will be allowed.
  • Allocation of subjects will be on the basis of eligibility cut off for   external as well as internal students

Registration for Stream will start from 02-July-2013