Sony BBC Earth – Science Workshop For Class VI

Representatives from Sony BBC Earth conducted a special Interactive Science Workshop for Class VI at DPS RK Puram on 15 February 2018. It was a part of a School Engagement Program, ‘Feel Alive Hours’ which open the students’ eyes to the wonders of the  universe in a fun and engaging manner that will help them cope with stress and feel refreshed.

Sony BBC Earth is a documentary TV channel featuring premium factual programs, formed by collaboration between Sony Pictures Network India and BBC Worldwide.

The Guest present was Ms Richa Maheshwari, Member of English Cluster Marketing Division, Sony Pictures Networks, Mumbai. The program was initiated by the Vice Principal, Ms Padma Srinivasan and was coordinated by the Science Coordinator of Middle school, Ms Sushma Sardana, supported by the Headmistress, Ms Rashmi Malhotra.

The presenter commenced the showcase with fun facts which enraptured the students’ attention. The official Sony BBC Earth anthem ‘Feel Alive’ was played and some students were invited onstage to joyously dance with the presenter.

Following this, an AV on the science segment that dismissed urban myths and left the onlookers in awe was played, which paved the way for a live experiment performed by a team of experts that wasn’t witnessed by the students in person before. Using dry ice, water, and soap solution, a giant ice bubble was formed over a glass bowl. The bubble only grew in size and persisted for quite a few breaths before popping.

The third AV gave an insight into the life of reptiles and their preying techniques – with thrilling scenes of a wild beast hunt, insect-ingestion and a snake attack. The experts once again demonstrated their skills by building a terrarium step by step.

A quest for a king crab in a frozen water body and lemon sharks being fed were captured in the special cameras and were a part of the last AV.

The students were engaged in quizzes after every AV- they were so enthusiastic in their desire to answer that they were almost leaping out of their seats. Those who answered correctly were rewarded with keepsakes.

The event concluded with gifts being distributed to all audience members.