Showcase (Class VIII, Sections G-K) – Work experience & Art Education

A Showcase was organized on the 16 January 2018 to present and display the various learning processes of the students as part of their Work Experience.

The programme began with a welcome address by the Headmistress, Ms. Rashmi Malhotra, followed by the various presentations.

The show began with a Power point presentation on learning and various projects made by the students of Robotics. This was followed by presentations by students of Electronics, Maths Lab., Create Out of Waste, Social Service, E and I, Health and I and Disaster management. The presentations threw light on the various activities conducted during the academic session.

The students of ‘Create Out of waste’ displayed the articles created out of household waste products. They had made table coasters, pen stands, a bag, bookmarks etc.

The social service students spoke about their experience when they had visited an Old Age Home.

An interesting Power point presentation was put up by students of section I, that spoke about the learning taking place during the Computer Science periods.

The ‘Showcase’ came to an end with a vote of thanks by the Headmistress, Ms. Rashmi Malhotra.

On the 17 January 2018, the Art Education activities were showcased.

The programme began with a welcome address by the Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal who welcomed the initiative to put up such a programme that serves as a platform for the students to come forward and speak about their experiences and learning.

The show began with the students of ‘Western Instrumental’ playing the music for the songs, ‘Dusk to Dawn’, ‘Blues’ and ‘Wipeout’. The lively music was followed by a melodious rendition of the song ‘Scars to your beautiful’ by the students of Western Vocal.

This was followed by the students of English Theatre enacting a play on Christmas. It delivered the message of being responsible for your actions and stop being lazy.

The students of Art and Craft displayed their talent with the paint brush and colours. This was accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation that spoke about the various forms of paintings- oil, glass, split painting etc.

A humour filled play that delivered the message of the importance of hard work and the value of money, was put up by the students of Hindi theatre. This play was much applauded by the students.

The last performance was put up by the students of Dance. They performed basic dance steps, the Bhangra and a Western dance.

The ‘Showcase’ ended with a vote of thanks by the Headmistress, Ms. Rashmi Malhotra.

Both the programmes were received enthusiastically and were well appreciated.