Showcase- Class VIII (Sections A-F)

Art Education
A Showcase was organized on the 23 January 2018 to present and display the student’s talent and their learning processes, as part of their Art education.

The programme began with a welcome address by the Head mistress, Ms. Rashmi Malhotra, followed by various presentations.

The First presentation was made by the students of the Western Instrumental, who displayed their skills at playing the guitar and keyboard. This was followed by a melodious rendition of a song by the Western Vocal students.

The students of Art and Craft displayed their talent with paint brush and colours. This was accompanied by a Powerpoint presentation that spoke about the various forms of paintings- oil, glass, split painting etc. The presentation showcased some beautiful handiwork.

A humour filled play based on the famed Akbar Birbal tales, was put up by the students of Hindi Theatre. This play was much applauded by students. The students had turned up in majestic costumes which bespoke of the royal era.

An enthusiastic performance was put up by the students of Dance. They performed to the beats of a song dedicated to Goddess Durga.

The last entry was made by the students of the English Theatre. They enacted a short play based on the theme of manners and courtesies.

The Showcase ended with a vote of thanks by the Headmistress. She applauded the efforts put in by the teachers and the interest shown by the students.