Sharing And Caring In Classes VI-VIII

This month our school conducted a Sharing and Caring week. The students were taught the value of sharing and caring for each other. Various activities were conducted to educate students about the importance of “Sharing and Caring.”These included poster making, slogan writing etc.

Class VI observed the month of November’16 as the “Sharing and Caring” month. The topic was welcomed by all. The class teachers discussed the importance of sharing and caring by highlighting various sayings, stories, poems, etc in the Home room periods. Apart from that, the students were encouraged to decorate their classroom boards and the walls in the corridors too. The students’ behaviour was observed by the class teachers and subject teachers, and they were awarded certificates for their exemplary behaviour.

In keeping with instilling its culture of value systems, Class VII also observed Sharing and Caring as the value of the month (November 2016). Class VII incorporated an innovative way of highlighting the importance of sharing. They agreed to bring out sharing as a key component of caring, through a play. The week revolved around students being divided into groups of five by the class teachers.

They wrote, acted out and created essential props for the play themselves and presented it. The students were extremely excited about this and have worked hard to deliver outstanding presentations.Children prepared a role play on ‘Sharing’ – this was a group activity. They also wrote quotations. An interactive discussion ensued for many days where real life examples were shared along with emphasising the importance of keeping these values alive. Class VII Students actively contributed by Soft Board Making, Poster Making Quotes, Essays, Speeches, and Group Discussions etc.The students’ behaviour was observed and they were awarded certificates for their exemplary behaviour.

During the sharing and caring week, on every day class teachers of Cass VIII would read out articles and stories emphasizing the value of sharing and caring taken from various popular children’s magazines .They held a story and poem writing competition on this topic and the stories and articles of the students who won the competition were put up on the softboard. Class discussions and role plays were held on how to inculcate the feeling of compassion in the students. They also explained that through sharing we actually multiply our happiness and it creates an atmosphere of positivity around us. Quotations on ‘Sharing and Caring’ adorned the board. Famous sayings were pasted on the walls. The teachers also conducted an Intra-Section project last week where students expressed their views through poems, stories and posters on this theme. These small activities taught the students that: ‘Sharing and Caring symbolizes the idea of altruism which is what friendship is all about’.

Sharing and caring is a much valued trait not only in our school, class and society, but all over the world. And so, the sharing and caring week was celebrated in our class with just as much importance as any major festival. The class teacher gave some valuable insight on why one should share with others, care for others, and dare for them as well. The pupils took initiative and quotes on the same topic were put up around the classroom. The subject teachers too, shared their experiences on this topic, in order to tell students what is really meant by sharing and caring. Sharing and caring is a respected and valued trait in Class VIII.