Scholar Badge Ceremony 2015-2016 Class X Sections G to M

The Scholar Badge Ceremony of Class X – Sections G to M for the academic year 2014-2015 was held on 1 February 2016. The programme commenced with the ceremonial lighting of the lamp. The Chief Guest was Prof.Ved Prakash, Chairman University Grants Commission and the Guest of Honour was Mr. Yuji Nishikawa, India Liaison Representative, Japan Science and Technology Agency.

The school performance report was presented to the guests and the audience in the form of a Power Point Presentation. The Principal, Dr. D. R. Saini, warmly welcomed the guests and fondly recalled his visit to Japan. He spoke highly of Prof.Ved Prakash, the Chief Guest and Mr. Yuji Nishikawa, the Guest of Honour. In his address, Mr. Yuji Nishikawa invited the students to visit Japan to witness the advancements in the social and technological fronts.

A spectacular cultural show was presented by the students of Class X on the theme “Though my soul may set in darkness, it will rise in perfect light, I have loved the stars too fondly to be fearful of the night”. The tableaus, in both Hindi and English, with the song and dance sequences were beautifully choreographed and presented which touched the audience with their insightful interpretation of the theme.

The Chief Guest, Professor Ved Prakash addressed the gathering and spoke on how important it is for the students to imbibe good values in life and how one can become an intelligent and inspired human being. He also spoke about the book ‘Emperor’s Writings: Memories of Akbar the Great’ by Dirk Collier and said that all school libraries should stock the book and students should be encouraged to read it.

In the much awaited Award Presentation Ceremony conducted by Mrs. Kavita Saxena, Representative of Class X, a total of 179 students were decorated. 130 Second Blue Badges, 17 First Blue Badges, 2 Blazers, 10 Second Green Badges, 9 First Green Badges and 11 Red Badges and Certificates for Meritorious Achievements were given away by the Chief Guest, Prof.Ved Prakash, the Principal, Dr. D. R. Saini and the Vice Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal.

Ms. Vanita Seghal, Vice Principal, proposed a vote of thanks to the dignitaries present. She congratulated the parents of the achievers and the Scholar Badge awardees and motivated them to attain greater heights.

Scholar Badge Ceremony- Class X Sections G to M Opening Ceremony

Scholar Badge Ceremony- Class X Sections G to M Award Ceremony (Part-I)

Scholar Badge Ceremony- Class X Sections G to M Award Ceremony (Part-II)