Schedule for Test Series for Class XII

Venue : F-Block, 3rd Floor
Timining : 8.00 am to 10.15 am

Round 1

4-Feb-2013 Mathematics Book-I (NCERT)
Sociology Book–1 (for non-Psychology Student)
6-Feb-2013 Physics Book-I (NCERT)
Business Studies Book-I
History Book-I
Geography Book-I
8-Feb-2013 Chemistry Book-I (NCERT)
Political Science Book-I
Psychology Chapter 1—4
Geography Book-II
11-Feb-2013 Biology Reproduction -4 chapters
Biology in Human welfare–3 chapters
Biotechnology-2 chapters
Bio-Technology First Three Chapters
Economics Microeconomics
Political Science Book-II
Hindi Full Book Antara
13-Feb-2013 English Core Syllabus –Full/Entire Year

Round 2

15-Feb-2013 Physics Book-II
Business Studies Entire Syllabus
History Book II and III
Sociology Book-II
Informatics Practice Java, HTML
Geography Book-I & Book-II
19-Feb-2013 Mathematics Book-II ( NCERT)
Informatics Practice SQL, Java
Psychology Chapter 5 —9
Sociology Book I+ II
Hindi Full Book–ANTRAL,
Abhivyakti aur Madhyam
21-Feb-2013 Chemistry Book-II (NCERT)
Accountancy Full Syllabus
Political Science Full Syllabus
Psychology Test on the Basis of errors. Problems Syllabus will be given daily
Geography Maps, Graphs, Diagrams and value based Question
22-Feb-2013 Biology Genetics + Evolution –3 chapters
Ecology — 4 Chapters
Bio-technology Chapters 4, 5 &  6
Economics Full Course (Micro+ Macro)
Computer Science Data Structure & Binary Files
Political Science Full Syllabus
MM & Web Tech VB & ASP