Rank 1 International Maths Olympiad

Siddhant Arora of class 10-E achieved RANK 1 in the Second level of International Maths Olympiad organised by Science Olympiad Foundation (SOF).He appeared for the second level in February, after clearing the first level held in December, in which he secured International RANK 1. He will receive a medal, citation and Rs 1 lakh as prize money on 22 April 2012 at the felicitation ceremony. Siddhant feels that he owes his success to Dr. D.R. Saini (Principal D.P.S. R.K. Puram), Mrs. Shobha Mehta(Vice Principal), Mrs .Sushma Saneja (Maths, HOD), his Maths teachers – Mr. Aditya Gupta (6 &7) , Mrs. Ruby Bhattacharya (8), Mrs. Ashima Aggarwal (9 & 10) and Mrs. Fatima Kirmani (class teacher 9)

Siddhant has consistently been a high achiever. He cleared NTSE Level-2 with rank-212. He also received RANK-6 in ARYABHATTA held for class 8 in 2010 and RANK-3 in RAMANUJAN held for class 5.