Protection of Child Rights, Disaster Management and Personal Grooming Workshop

Three informative workshops were organized for the teachers of DPS, RK Puram  on 13 September 2018 in the AVH. The workshops were coordinated by Ms. Niva Chhonkar and Ms. Vandana Chandhoke.

Session 1
Advisory on Protection of Child Rights
 Ms Vanita Sehgal, Principal, DPS RK Puram

The Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal, recalled her initial years as a teacher, sharing anecdotes to reiterate the school motto of “Service before Self”. She stressed on the importance of understanding that one should be aware of not just one’s rights but responsibilities as well.  She advised the teachers to be more child-centric and to take pride in their work and identity as a teacher. The importance of values like professionalism, good work ethic and the idea of upholding and maintaining the DPS culture and ethos was emphasized.

Session 2
Guidelines: Natural Disaster Management
 Mr. Sajjan Kumar Sharma

Mr. Sharma has been a member of the Fire Services in New Delhi for the last eight years and is associated with NDMC. Addressing the staff, he stressed on how, little steps mattered greatly when it comes to dealing with natural disasters. He reminded the staff members that a disaster strikes unexpectedly and causes significant physical damage, loss of life or sometimes a permanent change to the natural environment.  The only way to deal with any disaster is to showcase strength, common sense and boldness. He talked about silent disasters and “psycho disasters” , giving an example of how in Haryana, female feticide and infanticide, leads to disasters like a skewed sex ratio which are a threat to various government schemes for the upliftment of girls.  The idea about awareness regarding basic systems for fire safety was stressed by him, first and foremost being the emergency number to get in touch with the fire safety team- 101. Secondly, teachers must be aware of 5 Ws- Where, What, Which, When and Why.
He coined an acronym CATNN to help everyone remember how to respond to fire accidents with the specialized team. They should be briefed with the following details-Caller Identity, Address, Contact number, Nature of complaint and the Nearest landmark. As part of his talk, he enlightened the staff about basic measures to use in an emergency. For example, how to transport an injured person based on his injury (leg injury, hand injury or if he/she is unconscious). A live demonstration was provided for the staff on how to use a fire extinguisher and a water hose pipe effectively to minimize the damage or control it before the fire fighters arrive. The staff participated and volunteered enthusiastically in the session. The Vice Principal, Ms. Anita Singh, extended the vote of thanks.

Session 3
Personal Grooming For Professional Life
Pearl Academy

Ms. Pushpa Joshi, from Pearl Academy coordinated the session. Ms. Vasundhara Khatri was the resource person. Ms.Khatri studied Fashion Designing at NIFT. She has been a designer for Burberry, French Connection etc and  is  a faculty member at Pearl Academy. She was assisted by Mr. Gaurav Kwatra, Chief Manager at Pearl Academy and Ms. Monica, a Senior Member at Pearl Academy.
Ms.Khatri started the session by linking professional styling with image and appearance. She elaborated on how fashion goes hand in hand with one’s body and personality.  She discussed how  sartorial choices and general fashion sense should be in harmony with the profession. She listed certain parameters to help decode the correct attire- occasion, lifestyle, body type, personality, needs and preferences. The choices should be attractive in order to generate positivity and in the process, one should be mindful of personal grooming and hygiene. All the tips guarantee the right attention and attitude from those around . She stressed on how an individual’s fashion sense decides a lot in terms of creating an appearance as it adds to their first impression because the other person takes seconds to decode the non-verbal cues. Everyone make the choices  based on visual perception and body image. Everyone- be it a home maker or a corporate giant- needs image management as the image works in the Vocal, Visual and Verbal manner. Lastly, she spoke about “neutral dressing”, on how to choose brands wisely and provided tips that could come in handy while selecting the fabric, style and colour of wardrobe for professional scenarios. The Vice Principal, Ms. Anita Singh, extended the vote of thanks.