Presentation on Eye Care at DPS R.K.Puram

The sense of vision is the most beautiful gift of nature and hence, proper eye care is essential to keep vision intact, healthy and stress-free.

A Presentation on ‘Eye Care’ was made in the Audio Visual Hall for Class XI students under CBSE Health related Activities Programme by Dr. Carreen Pakrasi, a Senior Consultant Surgeon and Specialist in Eye Microsurgery.

Dr Pakrasi spoke about the common eye disorders prevalent amongst the students. She suggested ways to prevent seasonal infections such as Conjunctivitis. She also highlighted the role of grape fruit, omega 3 fatty acids and bilberries in improving the eye sight ,

She guarded students to be extra careful against ‘Computer Vision Syndrome’ by taking precautions like adjusting the distance between the eyes and monitor height, installing antiglare screen and palming to protect the eyes.

It was an enlightening presentation on the intricacies of Eye Care which was well appreciated by the students as they came up with interesting queries associated with contact lenses and lasik surgery.