‘Peace’ Value Of The Month – October 2017


Class teachers and subject teachers endeavoured to inculcate the same in the students through various activities.

The students participated in discussions about maintaining Peace and Harmony. They put up posters, quotations, slogans and collages related to the theme of Peace. The teachers also spoke to them about living together peacefully.


Class teachers briefed the students about Peace, its meaning and its importance in a student’s life. A general discussion was done in all the classes wherein the students shared their views on the topic. They also prepared quotations, slogans and posters related to the topic.


As the name suggests the students were inspired to develop a peaceful approach to untoward circumstances and situations. Class teachers and language teachers spoke about the importance of peace in day to day lives.

Quotes were put up in the classes to reinforce the value.

The good efforts and actions of students were appreciated by Class representatives, Class teachers and Subject teachers.