Parent Co-ordinator Programme 2013

Dated : 15th Oct 2013

Dear Parents,

One of the primary aims of education is to make parents feel that they have a part to play in the school and contribute to making their children’s stay in the school, a positive and a memorable one. Since the teacher and parents’ goals are linked strongly, constructive interaction between them has a positive ripple effect on the students’ academic, social and emotional development.

To achieve this, a ‘Parent Co-ordinator Programme’ is being initiated, where parents and teachers grow personally and professionally and search for answers together, thereby helping the children to develop holistically. It has been seen that when parents are involved, the students achieve more, have better attendance, score higher grades and exhibit more positive attitudes.

The parents can collaborate with the school in various areas like assisting in the classroom, in the library, organizing sports events, school trips, functions etc. In case they want to participate in any other area, they are requested to contact the undersigned. The ‘Parent Co-ordinator Programme’ seeks a two-way communication between the home and the school to support and strengthen the goals and values of the school as well as the students.

The ‘Parent Co-ordinator Programme’ will be the forum for constructive interaction with a view to exchange ideas between the “parent representatives” and school management to further the interests of the children of the school. Naturally, some of the representative will be required to set aside some time for attending meetings and interacting with each other and the school management.

Kindly fill the Online Consent Slip below and submit it positively by 23rd October 2013.

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For Queries, the concerned incharges out of the following may be contacted

Headmistress VI-VII

Headmistress VIII-X

Vice Principal

Ms. Anita Singh
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Ms. Vanita Sehgal
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Mrs. Shobha Mehta
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