Panchtatva-the Environment Club of DPS R.K.Puram Develops an Herbal Garden

‘Panchtatva Saviours’ got together to create an Herbal Garden in the school campus on 27 August 2014. Sapling Plantation of common medicinal herbs was initiated by the Principal, Dr. D.R. Saini. The aim of developing this garden is to create awareness amongst the students about the rich treasure of therapeutic herbs around us. Modern day medicines are expensive, strong and have side effects while the herbal extracts have long lasting effect and do not weaken our system.

Scientists are now turning to secondary metabolites from plant source like Giloe, Sadabahar for Cancer treatment. Ms Shobha Mehta,Vice Principal; Ms VanitaSehgal, Headmistress (Classes VIII-X); Ms Anita Singh, Headmistress (Classes VI and VII);Mr S.K.Arora, Head of the Biology Department; Ms Pushpa Agarwal, Vice Principal, DPS Shiksha Kendra and Ms Niva Chhonkar, Environment Club Incharge along with Class XII Environment Club members actively participated in the plantation drive.

A collective information about the medical application of these herbs was presented by the Environment Club members through a book and Power Point.

The students of DPS Shiksha Kendra students enacted a Street Play on the theme ‘Save the trees’. The saplings of Ashwagandha, Baheda, Satavari, Aloe vera, Amla, Giloe, Shammi, bael, Jamun, Neem, Basil, Gugul, Henna, Ajwain, Motiaetc were tagged with their scientific name along with their medical use.