‘Harmony and Eco Fest’ at the ‘MTNL Perfect Health Mela’

The students of Expressions Theatre Club of Delhi Public School, RK Puram were awarded the First prize in the ‘Harmony and Eco Fest’ conducted at the ‘MTNL Perfect Health Mela’ on 24 October 2018. The team participated in the National Inter -School Outdoor Skit Competition. The students were encouraged and motivated by Ms. Vanita Sehgal , Principal, who has always inspired them to explore creative instincts .  They were accompanied and mentored  by Ms.Sanya Taneja ,Teacher -In Charge Expressions Theatre Club and presented an outdoor skit on the topic ‘Affordable Healthcare’. The team consisted of  Hritik Arya (XI-K), Zuber Kishore Ajwani (XI-U), Nishant Nanda (XI-T), Pranjal Kumar (XI-T), Gayatri Varshney (XI-S), Advay Hora (XI-Q), Anamya Bhatnagar (XI-P), Ayezah Salman (XI-S), Prabjas Singh (XI-K), Vishad Khanna (XI-K), Harjas Sarna (XI-G), Sahaj Khurana (XI-Q), Anushka Nijhawan (XI-J), Gaurangi Gyanesh Singh (XI-S), Ananya Agarwal (XI-K), Harroop Sra (XI-P) and Karan Handa (XI-D).

“Aaina” – Street Play Competition

The students of Expressions Theatre Club of Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram participated in “Aaina” – the Second Annual Street Play Competition organized by St Xavier’s school, Civil Lines on 18 January, 2019. They were encouraged and mentored by Ms.Vanita Sehgal, the Principal and Ms. Sanya Taneja, Teacher-In-Charge Expressions Theatre Club. The students presented a thought provoking play on ‘Human Decadence’, putting their views across using the seven biblical sins. They secured Second position in the competition. The team consisted of Gaurangi Gyanesh Singh (XI-S), Gayatri Varshney (XI-S), Prabjas Singh (XI-K), Harjas Sarna (XI-G), Ayezah Salman (XI-S), Sahaj Khurana (XI-Q), Ananya Bindal (XI-W), Taitreyi Biswas (XI-U), Pranjal Kumar (XI-T), Anushka Nijhawan (XI-J), Vishad Khanna (XI-K), Vrinda Trivedi (XI-Q) and Harroop Sra (X)



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