Assembly VII-G & VII-H (30-01-2018)

Class Teachers: Mr. Arvind Singh (VII G) & Ms. Pooja Bajaj (VII-H)
Class Representative: Ms. Sapna Sharma
Head Mistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Date : 30.01.2018
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms. Binu Channan
Photography: Mr. Shanker Giri


Service before self is the slogan of Delhi Public School. The topic for the assembly was decided by the learners of both the classes together. The assembly includes Morning Prayer, Classical dance recital, Yoga presentation, Western prayer, Speeches, News and Western dance.

Assembly VI-D 25-01-2018

Class Teacher: Ms Preeti Saini
Class Representative: Ms Pratibha Sacchar
Headmistress: Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Date: 25.01.2018
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms Binu Channan
Photography: Mr Shankar Giri

Topic: Compassion

Compassion means to have genuine concern for all of humanity. Class VI- D through their assembly gave the message to embrace the “Golden Rule” – treat others as you desire to be treated. “Never do to others what you would not like them to do to you.” If you witness someone who is in pain, or requires assistance, or asks for help, you must come to their aid, you must lend a hand, you must offer assistance.

Assembly VII-I & VII-J 24-01-2018

Assembly VII-I

Class Teacher: Ms Prachee Sinha
Class Representative: Ms Richa Basrao
Headmistress: Ms Rashmi Malhotra
Date: 24.01.2018
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms Binu Channan
Photography: Mr Shankar Giri

Topic: Patriotism

Patriotism is the ideology and feeling of attachment to one’s own homeland,
love and respect for the country, its flag and above all for the citizens of the country. It also means a sense of devoted love, support, defence of one’s country, being loyal to the country, having a sense of pride for the country.

Keeping all this in mind, the students will showcase their talents through dance, songs, skit, thought of the day, prayer, etc.

Assembly VII J

Class Teacher : Ms. Ruchi Tiwari
Class Representative : Ms. Richa Basrao
Headmistress : Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Cultural Programme Coordinator : Ms. Binu Channan
Photography : Mr. Shankar Giri

Topic : Rights and Duties

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings regardless of gender, religion, caste, creed or any other categorization. Human rights are non
discriminatory, all human beings are entitled to them.
Rights and Duties are inseparable. They are two sides of the same coin. So as we
have Fundamental Rights that we can enjoy there are also some Fundamental
duties that we must follow.
The Assmebly wishes to spread the message that Rights and Duties are correlated and either of them cannot be ignored.

Assembly VI-F & VI-G 23-01-2018

Assembly VI-F 

Class Teacher : Mr. Vaibhav Popli
Class Representative: Ms. Payal Arora
Headmistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms.Binu Channan
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri

Topic: New Beginning

“Though no one can go back and make a brand new start, anyone can start now and make a brand new ending.” Carl Bard.

It is always easy to give up and blame circumstances but it takes a lot of courage to start all over again and succeed. Our life is a rollercoaster of ups and downs. New beginnings are, therefore, essential and inevitable. With new beginnings comes new hopes and dreams. Class VI-F showcased the importance of new beginnings and resolutions through their performances. They emphasized that how a new year gives us renewed energy in the new endeavours of our lives. Our life is about making new beginnings over and over again.

Assembly VI-G

Class Teacher:Ms.Deepika Singh
Class Representative: Ms. Payal Arora
Headmistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms.Binu Channan
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri

Topic : Magic of Relationships

The importance of all the relationships that we share in our lives is undeniable. We humans need each other at every stage of our lives .We help each other grow through our positive feedback or constructive criticism. Class 6G tried to depict all this through a number of speeches, thoughts and acts.

Assembly XI-Q & XI-R 19-01-2018

Class Teachers: Ms. Gurpal Kaur (XI-Q), Ms. Priya Obhrai (XI-R)
Class Representatives: Ms. Sangeeta Misra (XI-Q), Ms. Richa Aggarwal (XI-R)
Vice Principal: Ms. Padma Srinivasan

Date : 19.01.2018

Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms. Abha Chona
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri

Topic : Carpe Diem

The topic, “Carpe Diem”, which translates to, ‘seize the day’, holds a strong and liberating message: life is now and life will always only be now. The present moment is really all there ever is to experience everything. It is to us to take this responsibility for ourselves and seize it fully. Yet  it also entails the message not to waste a single moment. It means giving our all, being the best we could possibly be. This assembly hopes to inspire the students to live in the present.

Assembly VII-C & VII-D 18-01-2018

Class Teacher : Ms.P.Chinna( VII C), Madhu Rai (VII D)
Class Representative: Ms. Sapna Sharma
Headmistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Cultural Programme Incharge: Ms.Binu Channan
Photography: Mr. Shankar Giri

Topic: Celebration of Harvest festival

Harvest Festival is a time when farmers and others give thanks for a successful harvest. These festivals are celebrated by singing, praying and thanking God. Through our assembly we are depicting the major celebration of the Harvest festivals in India like Makar Sankranti, Pongal, Lohri and Bhogali Bihu. Harvest festivals are celebrated with joy and enthusiasm all over the country by people of all communities.

Assembly VIII-C & VIII-D 17-01-2018

Class Teachers:
Ms. Anita Sachdeva (VIII-C)
Ms. Saveri Lal(VIII-D)

Class Representative: Ms. Reema Khosla
Head Mistress: Ms. Rashmi Malhotra
Date: 17.01.2018
Cultural Programme Coordinator: Ms. Binu Channan
Photography: Mr Shankar Giri
Topic: Creativity: An expression of the soul

Pablo Picasso has said ‘Every child is an artist as creativity stirs our emotions and connects us with the beauty of our inner self, our soul’. The Classes VIII C and VIII-D combined the expression of their creative energies to present the assembly on the topic : Creativity : An expression of the soul. They blended the traditional and contemporary styles in the assembly with Ganesh Vandana and contemporary dance, Indian and Western songs, self composed poem and a jugalbandi of Tabla and Violin.

Assembly XI-G & XI-H 16-01-2018

Assembly XI-G & XI-H 16-01-2018

Class Teachers: Ms. Tandeep Kaur (XI-G), Mr. Manoj Arora (XI-H)
Class Representative: Mr. Mukesh Nagpal
Vice-Principal: Dr. Renu Nayar
Date: 16.01.2018
Cultural Programme Coordinator: Ms. Abha Chona
Photography: Mr Shankar Giri

Topic: Crossroads

There are moments and unforgiving minutes in our lives where we find ourselves in crossroads – afraid, confused and without a roadmap. ’To turn left or right’, that is the question. The choice we make at that critical crossroad can define the rest of our destiny and life’s journey. Dreams don’t work unless YOU do. The satirical skit, beautiful poem and the mesmerising tunes just give one message, “To choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”



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