Doing Your Best – Value of the Month (May-2017) Classes VI-VIII


Class VI

The class teachers conducted sessions with the students during the Home Room period. They spoke about various real life instances and people who faced the odds and performed to the best of their abilities.

The students were also asked to speak about the significance of doing one’s best. Students also put up posters and quotations based on the topic in the classroom and discussed the same with their peers.

Moreover, the departments of English and Hindi also conducted debate competitions, keeping in mind the themes of determination, perseverance and hard work. The results of the debate are as follows:

English Debate
1st Position – Swarnika Bhardwaj (VI-E)
2nd Position – Abhishek Agarwal (VI-A)
3rd Position – Smaira Gupta (VI C) & Yashraj (VI-J)

Hindi Debate
1st Position – Abhishek Aggarwal (VI-A)
2nd Position – Kanishka (VI-C)
3rd Position – Aaradya Bhatiya (VI-F)
 Class VII

The class teachers had interactive sessions with the students in the Home Room period on the given topic. The significance of doing your best and why it should be valued was discussed in great detail. Mahatma Gandhi and Albert Einstein were quoted as examples. An inspiring story of US President, Barrack Obama was narrated by the class teacher of VII – I.

A debate (English and Hindi) related to the topic was conducted in all the sections. The results of the debate are as follows:

Hindi Debate
1st Position – Urmi Bhatnagar (VII-H)
2nd Position – Vedika Shukla (VII-E) and Lipi Sahi (VII-B)
3rd Position – Muskaan Saxena (VII-F)
Consolation – Krish Prabhakar (VII-B) and Bhuvnesh (VII-I)

English Debate
1st Position – Sanjam Singh (VII-D)
2nd Position – Vatsa Gupta (VII-B) and Arushi (VII-I)
3rd Position – Hamsini Dewan (VII-A) and Vedika Shukla (VII-E)

Students gave presentations on the importance of doing your best and how to go about it. Students decorated the class soft boards with beautiful quotes, poems and articles related to the topic.

Class VIII

The value of the month was ‘Doing Your Best’. As the name suggests the students were inspired to put in their best. Their good efforts and actions were appreciated by the class representatives, class teachers and subject teachers. Quotes were put up in the classes to inspire the students to do their best. The class teachers and students spoke about their experiences, motivational moments during the Homeroom periods.

As a part of ‘doing your best’, the departments of Hindi and English conducted inter section debate activities.

The results of the debate were as follows:

Hindi Debate
1st Position – Shaurya Parihar –VIII G
2nd Position – Vir Malhotra- VIII F, Diya Dutt-VIII G
3rd Position – Tushar Bhatt-VIII E, Roopkiran-VIII K
Consolation – Akshaya- VIII D, Tarini- VIII B

English Debate
1st Position – Vir Malhotra – VIII F
2nd Position – Aanya Roy – VIII H
3rd Position – VIII D

Class VI – Guest Speaker Programme

A Guest Speaker Programme was organized for the students of class VI on Monday, 24 April 2017 and Thursday, 11 May 2017. Dr. Deepak Gaur, Assistant Professor at the Department of Biotechnology, Jawaharlal Nehru University, was the esteemed speaker. Dr. Gaur spoke to the students about ‘Health and Nutrition’. Through interesting videos and his interaction with the students, he emphasized on the importance of maintaining hygiene around us to ensure our good health.

He provided the students with useful tips and warned them of the dangers associated with the usage of mobile phones, among other things.

Dr. Gaur’s sessions were greatly appreciated by the students and teachers alike. They were very informative and engaging for the students.

Class VIII – Guest Speaker Programme

Dr. Mrs. Vandana Bhatia, addressed the students of class VIII on ‘Health issues in Adolesecents’. The interaction was held over two days. Students from sections G-K were addressed on 9 May 2017 and students from sections A-F attended the programme on 11 May 2917.

The topic was relevant to the age group, wherein issues of peer pressure, mood swings, feeling of depression, rampant use of social media, indulgence towards ‘junk’ food were raised. It also brought up the issue of refusing to give in to the lure of bad habits.

The talk also reiterated that parents, teachers and elders think of the child’s welfare when they do not succumb to the child’s desires at all times.

The students appreciated the interactive sessions and were very receptive to the speaker.

Punctuality– Value of the Month (April) Classes VI-VIII

Class VI
The value for the month of April 2017 was punctuality. Class teachers and subject teachers endeavored to inculcate the same in the students through various activities.

Teachers spoke about the importance of being punctual. Students who exhibited the quality were praised in the class. Students were also asked to speak about the importance of punctuality. The students also shared various quotations and thoughts on punctuality.

Class VII
The class teachers had an interactive session with the students in the Home Room period on the given topic. The significance of punctuality and why it should be valued were discussed in great detail. It was unanimously agreed upon that punctuality is the hallmark of a civilized and well -mannered person. It should be practiced at all times under all circumstances. Mahatma Gandhi was quoted as the foremost example. The students actively participated and decorated the soft boards with beautiful quotes, poems and articles related to the topic.

Class teachers shared the importance of being punctual and punctuality as a sign of respect. A Documentary on what punctuality means in different countries was shown to the students by the class teacher of VII I.
Some students prepared a presentation and read out the famous speech of Steve Jobs: “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” highlighting the importance of being punctual.

Class VIII
The new session began with the students observing the value of Punctuality. The class teachers counseled the students to arrive to school, class in time. The practice of timely submission of work was restated. Students observing punctuality were applauded to encourage the others.

Quotes were put up in classes and in the Circular Block.
Certificates are being awarded to deserving students for exhibiting this value by the class/subject teachers. Section F was awarded the certificate of Appreciation for displaying the value of Punctuality meticulously.



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