Visit to National Science Centre by students of Class VIII

Students of Class VIII visited the National Science Centre as part of their learning experience. 179 students of sections G-K, accompanied by 8 teachers visited the centre on 26th April, while 226 students of sections A-F , accompanied by 10 teachers visited the same on 27th April.

The students were exposed to a few concepts of day to day science in an interactive and interesting manner that was engaging and fun filled. This was followed by a walk through the gallery that displayed the science and technology of India and the progress made.

‘Science in a sphere’ was an exposure to our galaxy, the focus being on Earth. It also brought to the fore the problems created by mankind which is changing our dynamics of life in the water, air and bringing about temperature changes. This spectrum was the highlight of the visit.

The students thoroughly enjoyed the exposure to science away from their classrooms.

Visit to the National Science Centre – Class VII

Keeping in view the aspiration of an interface with Science and its activities, students of class VII were taken to the National Science Centre at the Pragati Maidan, New Delhi on Monday, April 24 and Tuesday, April 25, 2017.

The tour began with the gallery, “Water: The Elixir of Life” where the importance of water in was highlighted. Next came the “ENERGY BALL”, where nylon balls were lifted to a height of fifty feet, and then dropped, letting them travel all kinds of paths, expending the potential energy into other forms of energy.

The “Heritage Gallery” contained exhibits about India’s profound contribution to Astronomy, Mathematics, Chemistry, Medicine, Metallurgy, Art, Craft and Architecture.

There were animated models of extinct species like dinosaurs in the gallery, “Pre-historic life”. The “Information Revolution” gallery displayed the evolution of Communication Technology over 6,000 years in India.

The students enjoyed a show – “Science on Sphere”, where they got to know about earth and the other planets of the solar system. The students thoroughly enjoyed the visit.

Earth Day 2017

The students of DPS R.K. Puram celebrated Earth Day on 21st April 2017 with a Special Assembly for classes VI-X. Students from Hope Hall Foundation School, R.K. Puram along with their Environment Club teacher were a part of the celebrations. The assembly commenced with a morning prayer conducted by the Principal, Ms.Vanita Sehgal. The assembly was attended by the Vice Principals, Dr. Mrs. Renu Nayar, Mrs. Anita Singh and Ms. Padma Srinivasan.

The programme included an energetic dance performance bringing together the earthly elements of life, followed by a melodious input by the Music Department captivating the audience with their rhythms of “Earth” and “Hari Hari Vasundhara”.

The students also showcased the “Panchtatva” with speeches expressing their views on conservation of natural resources .A self composed bilingual poem was also recited leaving a deep impact on the audience.

The Principal administered the pledge taking ceremony after which the street play was enacted by the members of the Expressions Theatre Club in the school’s Open Air Theatre regarding the fading grace of the earth. The Assembly culminated with a Sapling Plantation Drive where the saplings of common plants found in Delhi like Peepal, Pomegranate , Ashoka etc. were planted.

An exhibition ,“Best Out Of Waste” of projects related to the environment by the students was put up in the Senior Biology Laboratory of the school.

As part of the Earth Day Celebrations ,Dr. Alok Dhawan, Director, CSIR-Indian Institute of Toxicology Research, was the Guest Speaker. He expressed his views and concerns regarding the degrading environment, talking about innovative solutions to environmental problems. Sharing his knowledge, he elaborated upon the laboratory experiments conducted by his organization and successes in the making of a better earth. Quoting him, “One should be creative and innovative for a better life”.

The efforts put in by the teachers of various departments was appreciated by the Principal.

World Health Day

The World Health Day was observed on 7th April 2017 by the Health and I club of DPS RK Puram, under the guidance of the Principal, Ms Vanita Sehgal, Vice Pricipals Dr Ms Renu Nayar, Ms Padma Srinivasan, Ms Anita Singh,Headmistress Ms Rashmi Malhotra, HOD Biology Ms Niva Chonkar and Ms. Jyoti Sharma, teacher in charge of Health and I club. The goal was to instil in students the importance of maintaining good health and to educate them about general principles of health and hygiene, immunisation against diseases, preventive aspects of communicable diseases, and many more facets crucial to remaining physically fit.

Dr. J.P Kapoor – Director, Directorate of Family Welfare, Govt. of India enlightened the students of the school. He was felicitated by the Vice-Principal, Ms. Anita Singh, and received a warm welcome from the students present. Ms. Anita Singh addressed the students, emphasizing the importance of maintaining balance between physical, mental and social well-being.

The students were thrilled to gain access to the vast insight of Dr, J.P. Kapoor in this field. He focused his talk on the interdependence of mental and physical health, highlighting its effect on other crucial factors of life. He shared information on the modes of transmission of communicable diseases and their prevention, along with the necessity of learning about maintenance of self-hygiene. An interactive session was conducted in the last phase of his talk, wherein students had the opportunity to clear any doubts in their minds through his expertise. Several activities and competitions were conducted to promote the importance of possessing a healthy mind and an able body.

A Collage-Making competition was organised for class VII on the preventive aspects of Dengue, Chikungunya and Malaria.
A ‘Focussed Group Discussion’ was organized in the Senior Biology Lab. The students of class XII participated in the discussion and expressed their views on the ‘Prevention of Communicable Diseases. The students were divided in three groups and each group was given a topic. The topics were: ‘Types of Diseases’, ‘How do Diseases spread’ and ‘Prevention of diseases.’ The students used their wit and knowledge and put forward their points. It was followed by a ‘Question and Answer’ round where each group was asked a question to test their concepts. The students actively participated in the event and made it a success.
A Poster Making Competition was conducted for the students of class VIII. The topics for the competition were. ‘Preventive Aspects of Leprosy’ and ‘Tuberculosis’. The students used their creativity to design the posters. Everyone participated with great enthusiasm.
The practice of Yoga helps develop the body and mind, bringing countless health benefits.
An enlivening yoga performance was skilfully showcased by the students of the school.

The day concluded with the screening of a short film relating to the World Health Day in all classrooms with the purpose of creating interest and inculcating the significance and importance of maintaining good and sound health.

First Aid And Fire Fighting Workshops

A First Aid workshop for the staff members was conducted by experts from Fortis Hospital on 31 March 2017 in the Audio Visual Hall. Ms Williams, an expert in CPR method gave a detailed presentation about the importance of knowing first aid skills in order to prepare for any emergency situation in life. It was a very interactive session with staff members conducting the procedure on a dummy patient.

It was followed by Mr. Singh from the Delhi Fire Service who conducted a workshop to apprise the staff members about the various firefighting equipment and their categories. The audience was asked to spread awareness about the Do’s and Don’ts of the usage of fire fighting equipment.



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