The All India IPSC Tennis (Boys) & Table Tennis / Chess (Boys & Girls) Championship started in DPS R.K.Puram on 30th September 2015. The programme commenced with the lighting of the lamp by the Principal, Dr.D.R.Saini, Vice Principals, Ms.Vanita Sehgal , Dr. Renu Nayar, Ms. Padma Srinivasan , and the Headmistress, Mrs. Anita Singh. The oath taking ceremony was conducted in which all the 22 participating schools took part. The Principal, Dr.Saini addressed the students and highlighted the importance of ‘perfect coordination and synchronization ‘ in the games to be played. A welcome song was sung by the Hindi choir followed by an inspiring song, ‘Hum mein hain hero’. The students of classes 11and 12 presented a Guru Vandana followed by a fusion of Kathak and Bharatnatyam dances. The school band put up an instrumental performance.

The Vice Principal, Ms.Vanita Sehgal delivered the vote of thanks. She emphasized on the ‘will to win’ which was important in every player and how sports brings about ‘true integration’, uniting all the players for a common cause. She expressed her best wishes to all the participants. The championship will take place for three days, ending on the 2nd of October 2015.



Event – Clay Pigeon Trap (Jr) Women Shotgun

Sponsored By (NRAI) / (SAI)

Kirti is an excellent sportsperson who has represented the Delhi State, at the 57th NSCC 2013 (New Delhi). She became the first time National Player (a renowned Shot) and got selected for the International Squad Trials.

Over the years she has won various laurels in the sport.

In February 2015, she represented the Delhi State, at the 35th National Games 2015 (Kerala) and won the silver medal in the Junior Cup. She was ranked No.1, in the Junior category at the All India Level, and represented India, in the 3 International Junior Cups. In May 2015, in Porpetto, Italy, in the International Junior Cup, she was ranked 11. In June 2015, Orimattila, Finland, 7th International Junior Cup Shotgun, she was ranked 6th. She played in the Semifinals Top 6 (Bronze Medal). In July 2015, in Suhl, Germany, ISSF Junior Cup, she was ranked 22.

Kirti participated in the 31st Delhi State Level, (ISSF ) and won 2 Gold Medal, in the Junior and Senior category)

She is now set for the 13th Asian Shotgun Championship in Kuwait which will be held from the 1st – 12th November 2015.






Entry Form | Travel Plan Form

  • Rs.1000/- per team in each group.
  • Boarding and Lodging charges Rs.200/- per head per day.
  • Entry fee should be sent through demand draft in favour of the Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram, New Delhi.
  • Entry forms should reach us latest by 28 September 2015 at the email address
  • The tournament committee reserves the right to alter the above conditions, if required.
  • The Decision of the referee will be final.
  • Protests if any, will be lodged with the organizing secretary in writing within 30minutes after the completion of the match. No protest will be entertained against the decision of the referee. The decision of the jury of appeal shall be final and binding to all.
  • The Protest fee of Rs.500/-(rupees five hundred only)shall be returned if the protest is upheld.
  • The organizing secretary reserves the right to change the date, venue and time of the matches if necessary.
  • The team must report at the court 15 minutes before the scheduled of match.
  • Teams are requested to bring sports kits, two bed sheets as per their requirements which include practice tennis balls.
  • Each school must bring two school flags.
  • Each school should send one male/female escort only.
  • Teams are expected to reach D.P.S R.K.Puram, by afternoon 29th September 2015. If earlier, please inform us well in advance.
  • Please intimate date, time and mode of your arrival at New Delhi.
  • Coach/manager meeting will be held on 29th September 2015 at 6:00 p.m. at the Principal’s office.
  • All t teams are adviced ti follow the match schedule of the tournament strictly.
  • Indiscipline on the part of any team or its member will lead to disqualification and the team will be asked to leave the premises immediately.
  • The IPSC team to participate in the SGFI tournament will be selected from amongst the teams participating in the championship. The team will be selected by the selection committee to be appointed by the host school Organizing Committee.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking in public places is strictly prohibited in premises of D.P.S R.K.Puram New Delhi.

For any other information /clarification,
Please feel free to call HOD of Physical Education, Mr.N.Suresh (9910976542/43)


Rules and Regulations of the championship

30th September 2nd October 2015-16

  1. The championship will be played as per the TTFI rules.
  2. Every School will be permitted to enter a maximum of five players in each group.
  3. A team shall consist of a minimum of three and a maximum of five players.
    The following age criteria will be strictly followed for participation in the championship:-
  4. Under 14 years    Boys   1st January 2002, up to 8th class
    b. Under 17 years    Boys    1st January 1999, up to 10th class
    c. Under 19 years    Boys    1st January 1997, up to 12th class
  5. Every team will be required to carry an age proof for all the players along with a group photograph of the team duly attested by the Principal of the School.
  6. The team championship will be played on the “best of five games” basis. The team winning three matches will be declared the winner.
  7. The matches in the Individual category will be played on “best of five games” basis.
  8. Players are expected to be in proper games kit during the matches.
  9. All teams must report to the Chief Referee at least 30 minutes before the scheduled time for their matches.
  10. If a player/team fails to report for his/their match at the scheduled time, he/they will be presumed to have conceded a walk over to the opponents.
  11. Only NITTAKU PREMIUM / STAG PREMIUM balls will be used for the championship.
  12. The Managers and Coaches of all the teams are expected to attend a meeting at 6.00 p.m. on 29th September 2015.
  13. The decision of the Chief Referee and the Technical Committee will be final and binding on all players/teams.
  14. No team shall leave the Campus without the written permission of the Principal/Convener of the host school.



  • The championship will be held from 30 September to 2nd October 2015.
  • There will be three age categories i.e., Under14,17 and 19 years, both boys.
  • Players born on or after the dates indicated below are eligible to participate in the Championship to be held on the above dates.
  1. Under 14 years    Boys  1st January 2002, up to 8th class
    b. Under 17 years    Boys    1st January 1999, up to 10th class
    c. Under 19 years    Boys    1st January 1997, up to 12th class
  • The tennis tournament will be conducted as per the rules of the SGFI.
  • Matches will be played on synthetic surface courts.
  • The tournament shall consist of two singles and one doubles match. Two singles matches will be held first and in case of a tie, doubles will follow for team events.
  • Each school may field one team of up to 4 players in each age-group. There will be three age categories, i.e. under 14 years, under 17 years and under 19 years (boys). Besides the team event in all the above age groups, Individual championship for each age group will also be conducted. Each school may field a maximum of two players in each individual category and these will have to be from the team of students representing the school.
  • All matches up to the quarter final stage will be best of 11 games.

Semi Finals will be played as under :

  • Under 14, Under 17 and Under 19 years— best of 17 games or 3 sets depending upon the number of entries.


  • Under 14, 17 and under 19— Best of three sets.


1.System of Play
The tournament will be conducted as per FIDE laws of chess and FIDE Swiss System. The number of rounds and schedule will depends on number of teams and players.

There will be three sections for school team events: Under-14, Under-17 & Under-19 age groups. A school team comprises of both boys only or mixed team (boys & girls )and girls only consisting of a minimum of 4 players and maximum of 5 players (4+1 reserve). A school can send only one team in each category.

  1. Category
    a. Under 14 years    Boys   1st January 2002, up to 8th class
    b. Under 17 years    Boys    1st January 1999, up to 10th class
    c. Under 19 years    Boys    1st January 1997, up to 12th class
  2. Time control
    60 minutes plus 30 seconds increment from move 1 for entire game.
  3. Tie Break
    In case of tie , the latest FIDE Rules shall come into effect.
  4. Note
    As per IPSC rules each school team is required to bring three chess boards with pieces and three chess clocks.

7.Participants will be in school uniform while playing in the arena.????area?

8.Mobile and electronic gadgets will not be used in the playing arena. ???

9.Each school shall clearly state the names of its team members before the start of the tournament.

10.The Captain/Manager shall submit the original ranking order to the Chief Arbiter before the start of the tournament.

11.Each team must play through the entire tournament.However,if a team is forced by       circumstances beyond its control to withdraw from the tournament, the team/s will not be paired for the remaining matches.

12.Scoring System:-   The team winning the match will be awarded ‘2’ points and the losing team ‘0’ points. In the case of a draw, both the teams will be awarded ‘1’ point each. For example, teams winning by 4 – 0;3- ; 3 – 1 or 2 – 1 will be awarded ‘2’ points, irrespective of their score.

13.The final position of the teams shall be determined by the number of points scored by each team.

14.The position of teams, which finish with the same number of games points, shall be determined by the application of the following tie – breaking procedures,in sequence from (1) to (2) to (3) to(4)to theextent required.

  1. By the sum of the game scores of all the teams opponents.

2.By the sum of match points won.

3.By the sum of the game of all the opponents defeated plus one half of the game scores of all the opponents with which tied result was achieved.

4.By the sum of the game scores of all the team’s opponents, excluding the opponents who scored the highest number of game points and the opponent who scored the lowest number of game point.

15.Procedure to be followed for breaking the tie for Board Prizes :-

  1. Percentage score.
  2. If the percentage score are same then more number of games shall be considered for Board Prize.
  3. If the tie still remains, then the highest placed team member will be considered for the Board prize.
  4. For considering the Board prize, a maximum of four games must be played for the board one to four and minimum three games must be played to be considering fifth Board Prize.???

16.Whatsoever the circumstance is, any request pertaining to postponement of first round will not be entertained.

17.The walk – over time shall be 15 minutes.

18.Not more than five Merit Certificates shall be awarded to a team.

19.Certificates to Individual Board winners will also be awarded.


Protest of any nature in connection with the tournament shall be in writing and must reach the Organizing Secretary and IPSC Observer within one hour of the declaration of the result,duly accompanied by a fee of Rs.1000/-{RS.One thousand}

Such a protest will be considered by aJury of Appeal, consisting of following:-

1.Principal, Organizing School

2.Organizing Secretary

3.One or Two technical qualified People present at the venue

The parties under dispute may be heard before deciding the issue.In case the protest is upheld, the protest fee shall be refunded to the protesting school otherwise the fee shall be forfeited.

The decision taken by the Jury of Appeal will be final and binding.

                                                INDIVIDUAL CHAMPIONSHIP

1.In addition to the Team Championship, separate Individual Championship shall also be played at the National level in the Under 14, Under 17 and under 19 years categories, separately in both the sections.

2.Each team reaching in Nationals??? shall sponsor one player who shall play Individual Championship.

  1. The number of rounds and the schedule will depend on the number of players.

4.Besides the above, the school that has players having more than 2000 ELO“Rating Points” as per October 2015 FIDE RATING LIST shall be eligible to play Individual Championship directly at the National level.

5.But each school can sponsor only one player for the Individual Championship; even though they may have more than one such player who has above 2000 ELO points.

6.The time control? Limit? for the individual Championship shall be 30 minutes each?for the entire game.



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