On 29th July, 2015, Delhi Public School, R. K. Puram’s Geography department organised an intra-school ‘International Tiger Day’ competition, to sensitize the students about the importance of tigers in our ecological system. Students and teachers alike joined in the celebrations to emphasise the importance of conserving our national animal, and to spread awareness about the cause. The chief guest for the occasion was Mr Sudeep Sen, an award winning author and poet. The Quiz Master for the event was Mr Deep Raj, an environmental planner for UCF.

The Principal, Dr. D.R. Saini; Vice Principal, Mrs.Shobha Mehta; Headmistresses, Ms Vanita Sehgal and Mrs Anita Singh; and the Geography department, along with their Head of Department, Mrs. Rupa Das, were also in attendance. NDTV covered the event.

The event commenced with the felicitation of the chief guest by the Principal and a moment of silence was observed to pay respects to Dr.Kalam.

Ms. Rupa Das welcomed the guests, and spoke about how majestic tigers are, and the vital role played by them in the food chain. Addressing the audience, Dr. Saini emphasised how humans should learn, and imbibe the strength and speed of tigers.

An invocation dance to goddess Durga set the tone for the various activities and competitions which were held for students of classes 6th to 12th. These included a quiz competition, a slogan portrayal, a T-shirt painting, ramp walk competition, PowerPoint presentation and a street play on the slaughter of tigers. The audience was entertained with a short video clip on tigers and their habitats. The students enthusiastically and actively participated in all the activities.

The chief guest, Mr Sudeep Sen offered a word of encouragement, following which the prizes and certificates were distributed among the winners.

Vansh Gupta and Dikshant of 7-K won the quiz, and first place in the PowerPoint Competition was bagged by Prithvi Paul Chathrath and Prithvi Rana of class 10-I, and Arnav Singh and Yuveer Bagai of class 10-E were placed second. The T-shirt painting competition was won by Udbhav of class 9-H, Vaibhav and Kanav of class 9-L were second and Vaibhav Gupta and Mohan Malik of 9-I came third.

Mrs. Arti Trivedi delivered the vote of thanks. The event was a huge success, and helped spread awareness about the need for conservation of tigers.


Ms. Pranathi Iyer of class 12-K performed her Bharanatyam Arangetram on 18th July 2015 at the India International Center, New Delhi. Dr. D R Saini, Prinicipal of DPS R K Puram and Dr. (Mrs) Chandra Tripathi of GAIL (India) Ltd. were the Guests of the honor at the programme.

Pranathi has been learning Bharatanatyam for almost 10 years now, of which she has spent 8 years under the guidance of Guru Saroja Vaidyanathan ( Padma Bhushan Awardeee ). In this program, the Guru presented the disciple before the audience after having trained her rigorously over the last 8 years. The Principal, Dr. Saini and Dr. (Mrs) Chandra Tripathi spoke words of encouragement for Pranathi and emphasized the importance of extra-curricular activities to boost academic performance.

School Level – CBSE Avishkar Quiz Results

Delhi Public School, R.K.Puram organised School Level of CBSE Avishkar Quiz on 9th July 2015. The results are as follows:

Top 5 Ranks – Classes 6 to 8

#SchoolRank Rno Name Class Sec
1 800000018 Vedant Garg [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] VIII D
1 800000023 Siddhant Parekh [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] VIII E
2 800000042 Madhav Krishan sareen VIII I
3 600000016 Anika Sharma VI C
3 700000013 ISMA BAIG VII E
3 800000016 Raghav Bedi VIII D
3 800000037 Pranit Chadda VIII H
3 800000040 Yajur Tayal VIII H
3 800000049 Pulan Pattanaik VIII J
4 600000018 Preksha Khate VI C
4 700000006 Turrag Dewan VII B
4 800000020 Rehan Mehta VIII E
4 800000021 Sahaj Khurana VIII E
4 800000034 Ruchi Dhewal VIII G
5 700000032 Snigdha Adil VII I
5 800000024 Simran Narang VIII E
5 800000026 Mayank Sachdeva VIII F
5 800000027 Prithvi bhasin VIII F
5 800000044 Agrim Sinha VIII J

Top 5 Ranks – Classes 9 to 12

#SchoolRank Rno Name Class Sec
1 900000080 Isha Arora [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] IX K
1 120000017 Kartik Bhatnagar [**Selected to participate in CBSE AVISHKAR ONLINE QUIZ] XII G
2 900000036 Ritvik Gupta IX F
2 100000053 Ishan Jain X I
3 900000004 Pulkit Gupta IX A
3 110000026 Aaryaman Batra XI F
4 900000041 Aman Verma IX G
4 900000052 Himanshu Panda IX H
4 900000053 Jasmine Dar IX H
4 900000068 Adithya Kumar IX J
4 900000086 Shreeya Singhal IX K
4 900000088 Simran Hiranandani IX K
4 100000002 Aditit Gairola X A
4 100000058 Srushti Dhoke X I
4 100000065 Abhirup Srivastav X K
4 110000041 Vikram Aditya Sharma XI F
4 110000054 Tushar Singh XI G
4 110000058 Apoorv Katiyar XI H
4 120000011 Syed Amjad XII F
4 120000053 Vishal Singh XII K
4 120000084 Vishal Chanda XII R
5 900000013 AYUSH CHINMAY IX C
5 900000031 Gursher Aujla IX F
5 900000051 Gunjan Anand IX H
5 900000054 Kirtana Devaraj IX H
5 900000073 Harshal Naidu IX J
5 900000092 Shreya Goel IX L
5 100000019 Siddhant Dash X B
5 100000044 Vikram Iyer X F
5 100000052 Debmeet Banerjee X I
5 100000064 Vaibhav Khullar X J
5 100000074 Siddhanta Panda X L
5 110000043 Aradhya Narain XI G
5 110000053 Satyam Saxena XI G
5 110000057 Anirudh Nair XI H
5 110000060 Peru dayani XI H
5 110000061 Satwik Singh XI H
5 110000073 Riya Singh XI I
5 110000080 ARNUV JOSHI XI J
5 110000125 Pranjal Mittal XI M
5 120000001 Pratyush Bhatnagar XII C

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