Assembly IX-J, M & I 16-02-2015

Assembly XI-X 13-02-2015

Assembly XI-W 12-02-2015

Topic ‘Sound of Music’

The assembly titled ‘Sound of Music’- A cultural extravaganza, showcased the talent of the students with the underlying theme of music being used as a stress buster. A rainbow of cultural programs included melody dipped notes, a blend of classical and contemporary dance, thought for the day which stressed upon music being indispensable for human life. It was concluded with a tribute to the movie ‘Sound of Music’ with a speech highlighting the lessons learnt from the movie along with a video of its songs.

Assembly VII-J & VII-K 11-02-2015

Assembly XI V 10-02-2015

Assembly VI-H & VI-I 06-02-2015

Assembly XI-S & XI-U 05-02-2015

Topic: Star of Yonder (XI-S)

Not many among us would be aware of the story of the ‘Star of Yonder’-the bright North Star-the three Kings were led to baby Jesus in the absence of navigational devices and a GPS. It was the Star of Yonder that guided them on their journey in the depth of the night and, all it did, was shine.
The students of XI-S paid a homage to the real Stars of Yonder in today’s world – parents; who make all efforts to nurture their children through infancy and childhood, guiding them on life’s thorn-strewn path. They showcased their talents on various fronts like semi-classical dance and songs.

Topic Connecting pieces to attain peace  (XI-U)

Class 11 U conducted assembly on the topic ” Connecting Pieces to Attain Peace”. The students conveyed  the message of love and peace by emphasising on the importance of universal brotherhood.The students presented a group song , dance and recited  inspiring poetry.

Assembly VI-J & VI-K 04-02-2015

Topic : Believe in yourself & that will lead you to success

Believe in yourself & that will lead you to success- This beautiful message was conveyed by 6K and 6J through their morning assembly ” Believe & succeed” . They showcased their talent by presenting the class choir, dance & a thought provoking discussion.



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