Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign in the School

Dear Parent,

This is with reference to DOE letter No. FDE.23(386)/Sch.2018/1541 dated 25 October 2018 regarding Measles Rubella Vaccination Campaign.

The state of Delhi is conducting the MR Vaccination Campaign w.e.f. 16th Jan 2019 to eliminate Measles and control Rubella/CRS in the country. All children aged 09 month to less than 15 years will be provided with an additional dose of MR Vaccine regardless of previous vaccination status or history of measles/Rubella – like illness.

The MR Campaign will be conducted within a period of 3-4 weeks starting from 16th January 2019.

Click here to download the copy of the MR Information Card from Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Government of India.

You are requested to go through FAQs related to MR Vaccine on the WHO link/website

The school will be holding the vaccination camp and parents are requested to register online for it by 15 December 2018.

Click here to Register for Measles Rubella Vaccine in the school.  Using  your ward’s Institutional Email

You will be informed of the schedule at a later date.

DPS RK Puram