Kavi Sammelan

‘Samvaad’ – Hindi club of Delhi Public School R.K. Puram  organised a ‘Kavi Sammelan’ on 10 October 2017. The event was graced by renowned Hindi poet Mr. Gajendra Solanki and two other poets. The Principal Ms. Vanita Sehgal felicitated the Chief Guest, renowned poet Gajendra Solanki, Ms.Baljeet Kaur and Mr.Radhakant Pandey.

Mrs. Fatma Kirmani introduced Gajendra Solanki who is the recipient of prestigious awards. He has given performances in the different parts of the world. Ms. Vanita Sehgal addressed the students in Hindi and threw light on the importance of Hindi poems. She expressed her views as she talked about how it is easy and difficult to write Hindi poems. She acknowledged the “Samvaad’-Hindi Club’s efforts for promoting the Hindi language and instilling curiosity about Hindi poetry in the students. Uday Bansal, the president of the Hindi club along with various club members like Sanskriti, Momin Iqbal and Aakash recited their self-composed poems.

This years’ edition of the Hindi club’s Annual Magazine ‘ Kalam Ke Rang’ was launched by Mr Gajendra Solanki in the presence of the Principal, Ms Vanita Sehgal and Vice-Principal Ms. Anita Singh.

The poet of Bhor ki kiran, Kranti kalash, and Mann ka panchi, Gajendra Solanki started the Kavi Sammelan with his famous poetry Hindi Stutigan. He inspired the students with a dramatic poem paying tribute to ‘Shahid Bhagat Singh’. The students of Classes IX and X applauded the performance and enjoyed it thoroughly. Ms Baljeet Kaur shared her experiences with humorous poetry and later, Mr. Radhakanth Pandey paid a tribute to the nation through his poems. The poets enthralled the students with their composition and wit and inspired the budding poets in them. The Vice-Principal, Ms Anita Singh was present throughout the Kavi Sammelan and delivered the vote of thanks.   The event concluded with the national anthem.