Agenda: Impact of Internet on Modern Form of Learning

Moderators: Adideva sekhri, Rohan Nagpal

TEACHERS: Teachers feel that although e-learning is a nice option. There is no alternative to the Teacher-Student relationship. Teachers feel that their work is devalued and students simply copy and not learn what they are taught.

URBAN STUDENTS: Students agree that elearning has more advantages and that there is less need of teachers. They want a mixture of both teacher and elearning.

RURAL STUDENTS: They feel that professional faculty and teachers must be employed in their schools so that they can gain better education. Computer literacy should also be provided in regional languages making it easier for them to learn. Rural students can carry out self learning through online help, but they also require professional help The media must highlight their problems too, so that the concerned authorities can take action.

MEDIA: Media wants to highlight the problems of the rural students and also the lack of implementation of the government policies, which if implemented, can reduce the problems to a large extent.

CBSE and GOVT. They have joined hands with websites like Merit Nation to help students grow their knowledge online as well They have also focussed on the rural students and have launched various policies to help the students who want to study in the rural regions of the country.

SOLUTIONS OFFERED CCE should be modified to focus more on innovation than rote learning and integrate technology into their systems to increase efficiency and help students to be more creative.

  • Media should highlight the conditions of the students in the rural areas and help them get access to the internet and remote learning with the assistance of NGOs and other organisations including the government.
  • Teachers should also convey to the students the importance of using internet for learning and not just plagiarism for the use of their projects, etc.
  • Students should understand that the internet, though a very resourceful tool for learning, is not a substitute for the traditional student-teacher relationship.
  • The internet can be an effective medium in reaching out to students not so very well equipped to gain education from the traditional means of going to school.

“We the students of Delhi Public School pledge to do our best to uphold our motto of ‘service before self’ and extend a helping hand to those in need.”