IPSC Badminton Championship 2011-2012

The IPSC Badminton Chamionship (Boys & Girls) 2011-12 was held at Pestle Weed College,

Dehradun from 28th August 2011 to 1st Sep. 2011.

DPS R.K. Puram won the Championship in  the Under-14 Girls team Championship.

In the Quarterfinals, DPS R.K Puram defeated Welham Girls by 2-0.

In the Semfinals, DPS R.K Puram defeated Mayo Girls, Ajmer 2-0.

In the Finals, DPS R.K Puram defeated Modern School, Barakhamba Road by 2-0.

The team consists of

1)      Sara Gujral-VIII-J

2)      Seema Bindal-VII-F

3)      Neha Jain-VIII-B

In this tournament the following IPSC Schools participated

1.         DPS R.K. Puram

2.         Modern School, Barakhamba Road

3.         Welham Girls, Dehradun

4.         MGD School, Jaipur

5.         Scindya Kanya Vidyalaya, Gwaliar

6.         Mayo College, Ajmer

7.         Vallabh Aashram, Gujrat