nternational Admission Highlights

A New World Record in International Admissions! (as per the information received)

No. of  International Admissions secured by the school

DPS RK Puram enjoys the distinction of having secured admissions to all the 8 Ivy League Institutions in the United States this year for undergraduate programmes, which indeed is a rare honour. The students are:

S.No.Name of UniversityName of Student
1HarvardNamya Mahajan (with 100% Scholarship)
2Princeton UniversityAkshay Goel
Anand Khare (with 100% Scholarship) Namya Mahajan (with 100% Scholarship)
3Brown UniversityPrateek Arora
Tanvi Bikhchandani
Arushi Chawla Anand Khare  (with 100% Scholarship)
Sannidhi Sharma
4Yale UniversityAnand Khare (with 100% Scholarship)
5Dartmouth CollegeMoulshri Mohan (with $ 20,000 p.a. Scholarship)
6Columbia UniversityTanvi Bikhchandani
7Cornell UniversityKaranveer Mohan
Anurag Sahay (with the Dean’s Award of $ 3000 p.a.)
Sannidhi Sharma
Tanvi Bikhchandani (with the Dean’s Award of $ 3000 p.a.) Anand Khare  (with 100% Scholarship)
Moulshri Mohan
8University of PennsylvaniaAkshay Goel
Tanvi Bikhchandani