1Three students of the school, namely; Shriya Patnaik, Divya Balaji and Ratnika Prasad, who have secured admission to Cornell University in the U.S. have been selected as Cornell University Tata Scholars and are recipients of the Tata Scholarship for students from India, which has been awarded to them, to support their undergraduate education at Cornell university.
2In recognition of this outstanding achievement, these 3 students,
along with their parents, have also been invited to attend the Tata Scholarship Recognition Luncheon” hosted by the University, at the Taj Mahal Palace and Tower, Apollo Bunder, Mumbai, on Sunday, 11th April, 2010. Airfare and accommodation will be provided free of cost.
3Out of the 8 students from India, who secured admission to Princeton University, 4 are from DPS RK Puram, namely: Sarthak Gupta, Sukriti Chadha, and Asavari Sodhi and Prerna Ramachandran. Sarthak and Sukriti and Prerna have secured admission with 100% aid, and Asavari has been granted 81% financial aid.
4Nayani Balbir Singh of Class XII D has secured admission to the prestigious 7 year Accelerated Medical Programme of Boston University – the first-ever granted to an Indian student after Class XII.
5This year, 30 students have been granted admission to Drexel; University in Philadelphia in the U.S. as compared to 17 students in the previous year.
6Jahangir Khan, a student of Class XII (2010) has brought great laurels to the school. He has been awarded the International Leader of Tomorrow Award, with 100% scholarship, from the University of British Columbia (the only student in the world to have been selected). He has also been awarded the University of Toronto International Scholarship-again a 100% scholarship- and is one of the 2 international students to receive this award.
7Abhishek Mehra secured admission (ED) to NYU (Abu Dhabi), with 30% scholarship. He was the only student selected form 80 short listed candidates from the CBSE Board in India, and one of the four selected from Asia.
8Viddhi Malhotra has been selected for the prestigious Oxbridge Programme at the University of Cambridge-the first ever admission of the school.
9Karanveer Mohan of Class XII (2011) and Shubham goel of Class XI have been selected to attend the Stanford University Mathematics Camp 2010, Program I, Scheduled to be held from 11th july – 8th August 2010. Only 20 students have been selected from around the world to attend this programme. Shubam has also been granted US$4000 financial aid.
10Jaya Sharma secured admission to the Secondary School Programme (SSP) of the 2009 Harvard Summer School from 1st July to 10th August 2009 another feather in the cap of DPS R K Puram. She has been the 1st student of the school to attend this programme.
11.Anand Khare of 12 – I has been admitted to the Stanford University’s EPGY program and to the MIT/Caltech’s Summer Science Program with 100% financial aid through merit scholarship.