Inter-School Language Fest- “भाषा संगम” 2018

Delhi Public School, R.K. Puram organized the Annual Inter-School Language Festival – ‘भाषा संगम’ on 11 August 2018. This event aimed to provide students with a better understanding of various cultures and instill a sense of pride in their own. The number of schools participating in the event were: 13 in German, 15 in Sanskrit, 18 in Hindi and 9 in Spanish. The event comprised 8 events, 2 for each language.

The Chief Guests for the event were Ms. Padma Sachdev, a Hindi and Dogri poetess and writer, Dr. Girish Chandra Pant, Head of Department of Sanskrit, Jamia Millia Islamia and Mr. Carl – Jochen Dill, Speaker for Educational Cooperation, Goethe Institute, Max Mueller Bhavan.


For वाद-विवाद प्रतियोगिता (Debate Competition), the topic placed before the house was, “दंण्ड विना अनुशासनम् सम्भवं न” or ‘Discipline is not possible without punishment”. The students engaged in heated debates, putting forward their points in the best possible way. The event was judged by Dr. Rekha Arora, Head of Department, Sanskrit, Miranda House and Prof. Rachna Verma Mohan, Professor in Education Department of Lal Bahadur Shastri Sanskrit Vidyapeeth.

In दूरदर्शन प्रस्तुति (News panel), the participants recited shlokas, giving updates on recent news up to 20 July 2018 and performed an advertisement on social issues. The event was judged by Dr. Sushma Choudhary, Department of Sanskrit, Delhi University, Treasurer in WAVES India and Dr. Balderanand Sagar, Chief Secretary of All India Sanskrit Journalists.


(Enactment) gave students a platform to showcase their theatrical talent as they enacted classic stories from Indian literature. They were judged based on their choice of story, screenplay, dialogue delivery and their costumes. The judges for the event were Mr. Ajay Sethi, an NDTV actor and director, and Mr.Tarikh Hamid, Director, Wings Theatre Group.

For, कविता पाठ (poetry recitation) each team comprised of two participants, who had to recite a poem on the given topics. The junior team was from grade 6 to 8 and the senior team was from grade 9 to 11 who spoke on “Manav ab toh jaag” and “Jeevan,samaj aur desh” respectively. They performed with ardor and were tested on their enunciation, choice of poem and manner of recitation. The event was judged by Dr. Saraswat Mohan Manishi, a renowned Author and Poet, and Prof. Puranchand Tandon, Assistant Professor, Department of Hindi, Delhi University.

At the end of this competition, the school Theatre Group performed a play ‘Toba Take Singh’ written by Saadat Hasan Manto.


Zungenbrecher (Tongue Twister), was a unique competition in which an exciting yet difficult tongue twister was given to the participants. They were required to speak together in front of the audience and judges, and were tested on the basis of their synchronization, fluency, pronunciation and confidence. The event was judged by Ms Reema Chauhan, Assistant Professor, Gargi College and Mr. Stefan von Thenen, an intern at Max Mueller Bhavan.

Character Portrayal, was an event in which the participants had to enact and recapitulate a popular excerpt or dialogue of any famous personality of Germany. They were assessed on the basis of accuracy to the character and dialogue and delivery. The judges for the event were Ms. Manisha Bhuttan, Assistant Professor at Amity University, Noida and Ms. Sheetal B. Das, Assistant Professor at Amity University, Gurugram.


Show and Tell, was a competition where the participant had to choose a Spanish object from their day to day life and talk about it in Spanish. The presentation was evaluated on clarity of spoken words, diction, originality and creativity.

For Poetry Recitation, the student had to orate a poem of their choice and were graded on the basis of spontaneity, intonation,  voice and articulation.

The judges for both the events were Ms. Jocelyn Herrera, a Spanish lecturer at lexicos Institute and Ms. Komal Dhawan, a lecturer at Khalsa College and Daulatram College.

Valedictory Function

The Valedictory ceremony commenced with a amazing rendition of a welcome song ‘Swagatam’ by the choir of DPS R.K. Puram, which was followed by the felicitation of the Chief Guests by the Principal, Ms. Vanita Sehgal.

The Principal began by quoting Nelson Mandela, “If you talk to a man in a language he understands, that goes to his head, but if you talk to him in his language, it goes to his heart.” She appreciated the hard work put in by all the language departments and coordinators, Ms. Fatma Kirmani, Ms. Amla Thukral, Ms. Priyamvada, Ms. Payal Arora, Mr. Aditya Kumar Sharma, Ms. Jaishree Sharma, and went on to stress on the essence of maintaining healthy relationships with other countries, through learning new languages. Supporting her previous statement, she said, “Language can divide, language can unite.”

The cultural programme initiated with a melodious Dogri song which was carried forward with an enthralling and lively qawali in Sanskrit, a Spanish dance which was an impeccable blend of elegance and beauty and ended with a nimble and spirited German song.

Dr. Girish Chandra Pant then addressed the gathering and expressed his heartfelt gratitude towards all the guests and participants present. He further mentioned that even if a student discontinues pursuing Sanskrit in school, s/he must include it in their day-to-day lives.

Ms. Padma Sachdev in her speech said that all songs, no matter what language they are in, are extremely beautiful. Local songs in Dogri are her personal favourite. She deeply emphasized on the importance of the presence of a mother in a child’s life and the pain of a wife when her husband is at war. She also recalled several interesting anecdotes from her childhood.

Mr. Carl – Jochen Dill began by quoting, “ If there are no stars, there is no beauty in the sky; if there are no flowers, there is no beauty in the garden; and if there are no languages, there is no beauty in conversing.” Appreciating the efforts put in by the Principal to promote German language and culture in the school, he explained the usefulness of learning German and how it could help in one’s future.

The ceremony concluded with the Vice principal, Ms. Anita Singh, offering the Vote of thanks. She started by acknowledging the palpable excitement on the air. Further, she thanked the Chief Guests and the Judges for their valuable time. She acknowledged the student’s commendable performance and proceeded by saying, “It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose; what matters is that you took part”. She then called all teacher in-charges along with the members of the language clubs on stage, where they were greeted with a huge round of applause.

All in all, the Language festival proved to be a great opportunity for students to interact with each other and uncover their hidden linguistic abilities.

The results for the events are as follows: 

NATYA MANCH 1st    Delhi Public school, Faridabad
2nd Delhi Public school, Dwarka
3rd  The Indian School
KAVITA PATH (JUNIOR) 1st Delhi Public School, Noida
2nd Delhi Public School, Dwarka
3rd  The Indian School
KAVITA PATH 1st Delhi Public School, Faridabad
2nd Delhi Public School, Sushant Lok
3rd  The Indian school
VADVIVAAD PRATIYOGITA 1st  Ramjas School, Pusa Road
2nd    Delhi Public School, Noida
3rd  Amrita Vidyalaya, Pushp Vihar
DOORDARSHAN PRASTUTI 1st  Delhi Public School, Faridabad
2nd   Amrita Vidyalaya, Pushp Vihar
3rd  Ramjas School, Pusa Road
TONGUE TWISTER 1st  Delhi Public School, Sector-45 Gurgaon
2nd  Delhi Public School, Noida
3rd   Delhi Public School International
CHARACTER PORTRAYAL 1st  Delhi Public School International
2nd   Amity International School
3rd     Bal Bharti International School
SHOW AND TELL 1st   Delhi Public School, Dwarka
2nd   Delhi Public School, Noida
3rd  Modern School, Barakhamba Road
POETRY RECITATION 1st   Delhi Public School, Dwarka
2nd   Delhi public School International
3rd   Delhi Public School, Noida